The location of the tachyon chamber is set in beautiful countryside which immediately puts you at ease.

Upon entering the room where the tachyon was I felt the peace and serenity of it.

During the session I felt a warmth flowing upwards relaxing my entire body and mind. I then felt the presence of higher beings as old energies, issues and emotions were taken from you, I saw images of my past been transformed and taken up out of the chamber.

After the session and beyond i am feeling clear, more joyful and peaceful. My inner state is one of acceptance and alignment with life and I feel any lifes pressures can be dealt with now in a more grounded and calmer way . My fear as diminished and the anxiety I had for years as significantly reduced . I feel a more connected feeling to my higher self and the universe. My creativity as returned and I have decluttered and reorganised my home with a new found desire to do things.

I am visiting again and have to say after years of using different healing modalities the tachyon chamber has had the most profound effect on me.

Thank you


Thanks for the treatment very relaxing well worth it.

I wanted to say thank you so much for the session yesterday with Veronica.
Having allegedly had Covid in January I lost my sense of taste and smell. But after the session yesterday I can now taste and smell again.
Amazing. I will be back soon.
"A spontaneous session, lying there on the bed I felt a warmth trickling from the back of my head down my spine and my shoulders. It almost felt like water! I often have tense shoulder and neck, so this is no wonder.
I felt very comfortable throughout, I so needed this time, it was precious giving me time to think of things I never have time for.
Oh and I would like to go again!"

"On entering the Tachyon Chamber I felt the energy was different some how. I lay and breathed in Huna. The pyramid connects and beams of light all come together I was instantly taken up. This was much quicker than previous Tachyon Sessions. I immersed in a vortex of light and energy and huge beings of light, I couldn’t make out the energy blew me away. I was taken out of body to stand and watch. My heart was lifted out, it was being held while symbols and electrical beams were charging a rebirth. My whole body was numb but buzzing with internal light and energy. I couldn’t move and was in awe of the work the higher beings were uploading into my body. I heard a flock of birds which jolted me back into a cocoon shell soft, I saw tiny legs coming out. I instantly thought; 'Not another baby'! The birds sang; 'Again, it’s time for rebirth, have patience'. 

The energy I received that beautiful day allowed me to see through new eyes the connection we have to the multi universe. The healing energy available through the Tachyon Chamber is indeed on another level. I truly feel a great healing deep in my heart."

"Unsure what to expect, I found the experience to be wonderful. Guided gently into the chamber, it was explained clearly and soothingly what to do, then I was left to enjoy the experience. I felt totally relaxed throughout, initially feeling a warm cocooned sensation, like being in a protective bubble. As I lay quietly, I became very aware of my heart beat in my chest, feeling more powerful than normal and almost as if I could hear it, gradually this moved into my right shoulder, where it felt like a strong pulse. This is a shoulder that I have an ache in most of the time, due to calcification of the joint. At the end of the session, I realised i had a smile on my face throughout, for what reason I couldn’t explain. The ache in my shoulder had gone completely.
The session itself felt like it ended so quickly, around 5 minutes, despite it lasting for 20-25 minutes. A great feeling and I would definitely recommend anyone to try."

I experienced a profound feeling akin to that of being newly re birthed – but within minutes seemingly effortlessly. The sensation is that of a warming   flowing pulsating healing energy frequency pouring into one (from apex of pyramid) flowing through into the physical body, which felt to drink up the energy. I noticed the energy resonating through into the Divine Self, super consciousness, & Over Soul.

Immediately after:  I felt vigorous & revitalised – a youthful restoration! I sensed a positive shift in organ functionality better flexibility & stamina. This was all immediately put to the test as ( and I’m a full on Empath;) I embarked  with strength & speed through a 6 and a half hour car, train, tube, car-journey with heavy luggage & multiple changes with ease & grace!

Definitely to be repeated!! Highly recommended.


"Nothing expected just timing being right, my first experience was just something else! I sank in a delightful state of bliss with multiple visuals of soft colours of pink, orange, yellow vibrating engulfing encompassing love and light. That state of bliss lasted for days, and after returning home I woke up on a Monday morning feeling and with an inner clear knowing that I am healthy and am allowed to be happy.

With the initiation of this Tachyon Healing Chamber here in the NW of England, I felt the loving lifting presence of Isis Astara which was overwhelming and gladly accepted in full gratitude. Having had several sessions now I feel the energy rising stable inside, overcoming tiredness and moodiness is so much easier. Focus and concentration and inner connection is on an entirely different level. Love it!"

"I felt a lovely sense of peace in the room where the tachyon chamber rests. Once I lay down in the chamber  I closed my eyes and took some slow deep breaths. I felt a warmth spreading over me from head to toe. For a while my thoughts were getting in the way so I concentrated on my breathing which cleared my head. My feet and lower legs became very light like a clearing tingly feeling this continued to spread slowly up into my body.  I felt some pain in my lower back where I had a recent problem but it passed and disappeared.  When it got to my solar plexus and heart area I felt an incredible release.  I felt joyful and peacefully light it also went to my throat and into my head. I didn’t want to come out of it, it was bliss. From head to toe I felt lighter as if every cell in my body had a clearing. When I came out of the chamber I was a bit spaced out in a floaty chilled out way. I chose to sit down in the garden and take in the stunning views of Pendle Hill and the Trough of Bowland. What a wonderful compliment to this treatment. I had a lovely feeling of contentment as I sat looking out and could still feel the warmth hugging my back that I experienced in the chamber."