Therapeutic 4 Phase System | Phase 1

Therapeutic 4 Phase System | Phase 1


One of the most powerful guidance meditations we have heard and experienced to erase all of the below, ongoing and for most succesful results best done on a weekly basis. Tremendously good deal as once purchased, you keep using this meditation on a monthly basis, and together with the other three of IV Phase series to adjust and adapt to lighter levels of light. You will begin to experience other features and characteristics unknown that are part of our energy fields will become clearer and more noticable. Intended manifestations will be much easier, clarity of mind in connection to heart and soul!

Best done in the early morning hours as it provides with so much more energy, some came back that they could not sleep in the evening because they felt so tremendously light! Ensure you are not disturbed during the meditation and drink sufficiently good quality water over the next two days.

Phase I: 9 Chakras, session is about 1 hour (approx) long.

1st Chakra (Root) … 2nd Chakra (Sacral) … 3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) … 4th Chakra (Heart) … 5th Chakra (Throat) … 6th Chakra (3rd Eye) … 7th Chakra (Crown) … 8th Chakra (Soul Star) … & your Earth Star Chakra (2ft below feet).

  • all LIEs, (… soul-fragments & soul gateways, negative events, within or relating to each chakra),
  • at ALL levels,
  • and all associated & related sacred geometry programs,
  • imprints,
  • karmic loops,
  • portals,
  • programs,
  • vows,
  • hexes, curses, spells,
  • contracts, agreements,
  • entities,
  • discarnates, (people who died, but didn't transition over to the re-incarnation process)  
  • neural nets,
  • implants,
  • wormholes
  • and all darkness around each ID/soul fragment/event,
  • and all damage …
  • at all dimensional levels & bodies …
  • throughout all lifetimes, including, past, present, future,
  • and parallel, alternate timelines, and parallel and alternate universes, and all other simultaneous existences,
  • and all of these aforementioned things inherited from our parents & ancestral lineage, as well.

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