Therapeutic 4 Phase System | Phase 3

Therapeutic 4 Phase System | Phase 3


The Third Meditation of the IV Phase Meditation and of the most powerful guidance meditations we have heard and experienced to erase all of the below, ongoing and for most succesful results best done on a weekly basis. Tremendously good deal as once purchased, you keep using this meditation on a monthly basis, and together with the other three of IV Phase series to adjust and adapt to lighter levels of light. You will begin to experience other features and characteristics unknown that are part of our energy fields will become clearer and more noticable. Intended manifestations will be much easier, clarity of mind in connection to heart and soul!

Best done in the early morning hours as it provides with so much more energy, some came back that they could not sleep in the evening because they felt so tremendously light!

What you will need, preferably good quality headphones or ear buds. A quiet darker room where you can sit or lie comfortably. Ensure you are not disturbed during the meditation and drink sufficiently good quality water over the next two days.

 Phase III: Current Lower Bodies Focus… (plasma body … mental body … emotional body … astral body … etheric body … physical body … higher spiritual bodies, etc).

  • all negative implants, nanites & devices at all levels and frequencies, affecting both your physical & non-physical aspects of:
  • your Endocrine, Neurological, and Central Nervous System and your corresponding hormones and physical health symptoms,
  • and any & all replacement technologies, portals, source & entities associated with each implant or device … both internal and external.
  • Clear all Soul Level blockages related to manifesting financial abundance permanently
  • increase or return the Source spark in your thymus… in the best way possible for you, in line with your higher self.

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