Next week, June 30th at 5.45am UTC is the worldwide meditation called for by CoBra one of the most important meditations being right in the middle of the 2020 timeline. This is the most important moment to tune in for at least 20 minutes as we collectively can determine the higher timeline as described by CoBra in his latest blogpost, Age of Aquarius. With the Jupiter and Pluto planetary alignment we make a firm stand to make the positive difference with the gentle, persuasive, but determined hand of our feminine, sensative nature.

For you, there is now another way to show your commitment, as you are being called to action and to print, sign the Galactic Codex (below image) and email or post your paper with signature to your nearest Tachyon Healing Chamber.

Just before the start of the Age of Aquarius Part 2 Meditation the Tachyon Guardian will put the Galactic Codex on the mattress in the Tachyon Chamber. This paper will be removed after the meditation, and carefully stored as it can be reused for following meditations.

A couple of points to remember; 
- Help to reduce costs of printing for the Tachyon Guardians by posting the Galactic Codex with snail mail, it this is also for them a work of Love.

Medica Fusion Therapy, RibbleCourt 5, Shuttleworthmead, Mead Way 1, Padiham, Lancashire, BB12 7NG UK

- With your connection to the Tachyon Healing Chamber, we are sending a massive wake up call to our fellow human beings and the universe alike in the most peaceful way we can!  
- Let the Guardian know if you do not wish for your paper print to be stored for following meditations. They will dispose of it securely.

               Flower Of Life

          Galactic Codex below

Three simple steps to help planetary timeline:

  • 1) print the below text
  • 2) sign
  • 3) post (or email the scanned paper) to your nearest participating THC

          Gaia, Earth, Goddess