Winter Wonderland Walks

20221207_162739 Full Moon December
Did you see the very bright Full Moon lightning up the fields of our Tachyon Healing Chamber. For keen sky watchers it was a beautiful opportunity to see the planet Mars go behind the moon, quite a sight and a welcome distraction from the many news flashes. Many of our visitors take the opportunity to have a quick grounding walk before or after the Tachyon Chamber session, and now is a great time in the winter wonderland scenery. 

The beauty of walking in nature is that your connection with God, The One, Father and Eve, We are all part of Mankind and a part of the Tree of Life. In nature we can talk with our loved ones and receive answers, which often comes in a whisper, gentle as a summer breeze. You cannot miss it these days as there is hardly any wind disturbing your inner hearing. Tell them the things you want to tell them from the bottom of your heart.

There is a tremendous lot going on and each day is really different, we know in our hearts the event is near, the gamma wave is within reach if you feel off, just know that you are loved. Any aches or pains you are struggling with (besight our wonderful solutions) ask for assistance from above, ask for LoveJoy of the medbay in the service area tell what it is what is aching and than listen, feel, and than please always show your gratitude! 

It is a short blog today, just wanted to share these beautiful impressions from the walks around us and last but not least this excellent upbeat 
Video combo 'Bossa Nova' with Elvis, Queen and Prince in one motivational dance festival. Speakers on and room to dance!

PS if you have missed out on our Light Friday Sales our mother company is holding another great discount actions, you can find them here on this link with excellent quality therapeutic equipment and accessoires!

Wonderful walks alongside the canal

Orange evening sunsets

Wishing you Inner Peace!
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Sunday, 03 December 2023

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