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IMG-20230407-WA0015 Homemade pizzas!

For all of you celebrating Easter, enjoy your family day! 

If you can make time, watch these two insightful videos from YellowRoseForTexas which have just come out. Especially the 'Wave Flash Update 4-8-23' is highly recommended, where Rose mentions how to help yourself free off deep seated programming. The other 'Revelations Lift the Veil 3-11-23' is on Vimeo due the combinations stepping out of the Matrix. Hitting the nerve buttons!

Linda Paris of McallisterTV who does do extraordinary interviews, mentioned how timely and just Rose her video is. You will find also that the more old lingeringing tensions you release out of the subconscious the easier your daily meditations flow, abundance, joy and harmony become a normal state of day to day. Even in this chaotic situation finding yourself a calm and balanced center is more than a life saver. 

And if you need a safe environment to address deep seated issues our Tachyon Healing Team is ready to help you providing a safe environment for over four years now! Our recent offer of combining the Vardo, a night in a real gypsy wagon, with a Tachyon session has proven to be a real hit given! Outside making pizzas, being offgrid just you and the nagure, it has given our guests the greatest of benefits. One of the guests, normally cannot fall asleep easily, now in bed by 11pm and up with the chickens. Booking an extra night they stated to have the most relaxed feeling felt in a long time.  

We will be offering a similar combination for the May Bank Holiday week so keep an eye out on the email offer!

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Monday, 04 December 2023

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