The Goddess Enters and the World Awakens

A Goddess Enters Age of Aquarius - 21-12-20

The 144k meditation of Monday 14th was followed the day after with a change in weather, which is the sign of an effective gathering of clearing and cleaning! MrMBB333 had a field day gathering some of the anomalies that took place in the space of 3 to 4 hours, see here Wikileaks dumped all of their files online within hours and after years of holding back online.

Times and links for the upcoming Mass Meditation

Meditate with the mass on Monday 21st December 2020 at the precise time of 18.20 minutes, for a 20minutes meditation click here for the link.

To tune in for the 144k Mass Meditation which is quite something else, and if you feel to explore your capacities with together with the Unknown Lightwarrior then go here. He will tune in at the right time with the main meditation but will do some much needed support clearing first starting at 17.00.

And as it is a week of rollercoasters and waves a Goddess entered the Tachyon Chamber with golden specks of light, literally to lite up the hill opposite ours. Golden pink clouds form whilst a ripple of warmth spreads out whilst she had her session and unbeknownst to her touched all in the vicinity, in the heart.

I had my first Tachyon experience just as the sun was setting over the Ribble Valley. I lay in the chamber and watched the sky outside change from dusky pink, to coral, and then to deep lilac blue.

The night before, I'd had an unsettled night. I'd dreamt that I was at a busy resort at some kind of family event and my baby son (who is in actual fact 13) was being passed from person to person, until I eventually lost track of who had him. I began searching, but still couldn't find him. My journey took me through a host of disinterested faces and my panic grew. I finally found myself at a hostel, standing outside a room I had once stayed in and holding a key to a safe.

As I lay quietly in the chamber – listening to the sunset song of the birds – I recalled my dream and like milk bursting through a skin of cream, all my current worries, stresses and anxieties came forth.

The centre-point of the Tachyon chamber was directly over my abdomen, and it was here where I felt a knot of warmth slowly unfold and spread throughout my body.

I'm not a religious person. I believe in science and that which can be tested. I have no way of explaining the sudden and powerful presence I felt in the chamber with me. I want to explain it, but it can't really be captured in words. It was something that cannot be measured by time or distance. Something so ancient and so great that it's beyond comprehension. But, oh, the feeling!

I recall a childhood memory: I'm sitting on a rickety wooden tree swing at the farm where I spend my childhood days. It is summer and the sun is going down behind the trees. The sky is lit up with golden orange light and I am so young and happy and free and I know I have my whole life ahead of me. It is a feeling of blissful and innocent contentment that only life and experience can diminish.

And there I am, lying in the chamber, feeling this immense protective presence guiding me, and I'm watching that little girl from decades ago, and I remember her. I reconnect with her. I hold out my hand to her and she takes it. And that's it. Just peace after that. A knock on the door – and I'm back to life, but it's somehow different now. Enriched somehow.

I was very thirsty for a good few hours after my session and my head ached a little, I'm also feeling emotional which isn't like me. I ate my evening meal with relish and haven't enjoyed a meal as heartily since the first meal I had after giving birth!

I've been told that people have different responses and reactions to the Tachyon Healing Chamber. I don't really understand how it works, I just know that I'm a little bit more alive than I was before.

From Timelies into One: The Age of Aquarius
May the Source be with You!

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Guest - Gal8na Gegg on Wednesday, 28 April 2021 16:10

Thank you very much, dear Steven..for taking a care about me with patience , knowledge, warmth and Love in the Tachyons Chamber 🙏💜🙏
Thank you very much , dear Catharina 🙏💜🙏🌈

My Blessings and Big Love to you 💜❤️💜🙏

Thank you very much, dear Steven..for taking a care about me with patience , knowledge, warmth and Love in the Tachyons Chamber 🙏💜🙏 Thank you very much , dear Catharina 🙏💜🙏🌈 My Blessings and Big Love to you 💜❤️💜🙏
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