With the upcoming solstice, an exceedingly rare occurrence where major planets in our solar system are aligning, a world of opportunities opens up for all of us. The 21st of December 2020 is the date which allows each of us to revolutionise our way of living and know this: everything is in place for optimum results to take place!
Right now, we are creating a second Renaissance filled with beauty, harmony and light. Every day, our self-imposed limitations are dissolving under our feet, hence why many of us feel so disorientated. This is a point of vulnerability where darkness tries to take the reins, nevertheless those negative energies will once again be defeated – as they always have been before. For every one of us it is time to realise that we are powerful being creators and so much more, and to help that sink into our awareness, let us take advantage of the time leading up to the Solstice with the following practical advice.
  • Start drinking more water (at least 2 litres of good quality water) and take in sufficient vitamins - especially D3 to combat depression.
  • Take a few minutes out of your day to do some fun stretches like the yoga Warrior Pose which helps to ground your inner consciousness.
  • Give abundantly and receive graciously.
  • Maintain a human connection. The Sun Salutation is a wonderful connection with the inner sun, giving a gentle reminder to keep a sense of fun in all you do.
  • Strengthen your inner resolve to do that which brings you joy. Use your neglected talents, all those special skills you set aside whilst earning a living. Write, draw, create and do it immediately as we transition into the new year.
  • Aspire and be the inspiration for others, anything you want to learn, do it now, don't put it off until the new Gregorian year, which is the old paradigm. Remember we are stepping into the new Aquarian Age which is all about the spur of the moment, listen to those natural impulses that guide us every day.
  • Reconnect with nature. When the sun is shining, get out there! Christmas is rooted in the celebration of the sun so feel it on your skin as it penetrates with healing, warming light, creating an upward cycle of positivity and fun. Get the smell of nature into your house: a bouquet of flowers, a Christmas tree, herbs, spices and organic essential oils.
It is here and now where we start dreaming and creating!
  • These upward vibrations will break down fear and help the Galactics and your fellow humans around you, as we become the shining candle of light and hope.
  • Practice mindfulness: use the I-IV Phase system of The Unknown Light Warrior to clean out your inner energies. We have never seen so much change in a short amount of time, and now is the time to embrace it all.
  • Come for a Tachyon session when you feel called or ask us to perform a realignment of the Assemblage Point with Theragem or a Shaman's Blow to strengthen and ground your energy field.
  • Fill your house and living conditions with Sage, smoke Palo wood, Copal, or use a sacred blend of Frankincense – Myrrh – Sage oil which really goes with the Christmas vibe and bury Cintamani stones in your garden for the finishing touch.

Our healing task up until the 21st December is to SCAN, CLEAR, CLEAN, TRANSMUTE AND DISSOLVE