The Bridge of Light on a Day of Dreams

Thanks to CJ 1-1-21 Bridging the Light

I Perfect in order to Dream

Producing Intuition

I seal the Input of Abundance

With the Planetary tone of Manifestation

I am guided by the power of Magic

After Solstice meditation and three days of darkness (21st to 23rd December) the Earth has left a chapter of darkness behind and a new period has been born arousing feelings of hope. Nature is always the best guide and early on Christmas morning the birdsong rang out over our Lancashire heartland with vigour. Today, again, in our winter wonderland, the birds are singing as if Spring is near – their beautiful music fills our hearts with hope and gratitude.  

Upon receiving the book of Tachyon just in time before Christmas (which you can order here)

'I have received the book! Thank you so much. It has vital information that I needed to read, still reading. I was the first client of Dr. Joe in 2015 to experience the chamber. I am thrilled that you have this technology and are able to share it in your part of the world with souls that seek it. It is truly remarkable and it gets better as the veil is lifted. It is Christmas today and hope yours is very merry. I just wanted to share my joy of receiving the book. Thank you!' – Walery USA

Gratitude is delightful to give and even better to receive and at the Tachyon Healing Chamber we were thrilled to receive a message of thanks over the festive period.

With gratitude and love in our hearts we wanted to share the following meditation technique to help everyone build a bridge of light to help pass into a happier, lighter way of life:

To begin, meditate as much as you can on the SOURCE light inside yourself, on the light inside EVERYONE — the light which is SOURCE. Got a firm grip on it? Now, meditate on that light moving from the solar plexus (right above your belly button) to your heart space, see it merging, and growing, and then bursting out of yourself, out of everyone in a huge light burst originating in the chest. It's a good thing, Love and Light. (Be sure to G+P+C first!)

Do it for yourself. Then do it for everyone you know. Start small, build it up, then go boom. (It's happening to us from others and we haven't even sent this out yet!) Now imagine doing it for all the people in your neighbourhood. In your town. In your region. In your hemisphere. Everyone on, in, and around the earth. Do it for everyone NOW and in the past, and forward through all time, throughout all of time and space, from the beginning of time and the omniverse to the end of time when all beings merge BACK into SOURCE and the omniverse vanishes in a titanic WHOOSH of light and angel singing. You can do that, right? Imagine it as a giant line of Light and Love reaching from the beginning to the end… and beyond.

There's your Light bridge. You are literally your own bridge to infinity. Totally easy.

Pass this around. As many people need to do this as quickly as possible until we reach critical mass. No pressure. Be calm. Be deliberate. You can do this. For those comfortable with your OMATA group, join with them and turn your power to infinity. We'll leave you to it.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to GROUND really well before and after. Ground to the New Earth (NE), to SOURCE, and to Gaia. If you feel heart palpitate, BREATHE in SOURCE, then exhale down the Grounding cords. Krikey, we suddenly have a zillion beings doing this to us across various timelines from all over… wow.


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Tachyon Healing Chambers on Tuesday, 12 January 2021 16:49

From Galina: Thanks again dear Cathy for tachyon cleansing🙏 filling with new energies and Good Mood..🌈🙏❤️💫⭐️🌙 Blessings and much Love to you , dear Cathy 🙏

From Galina: Thanks again dear Cathy for tachyon cleansing🙏 filling with new energies and Good Mood..🌈🙏❤️💫⭐️🌙 Blessings and much Love to you , dear Cathy 🙏
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