The Big Squeeze - Wake Up

Schumann Resonance Fathers Day SR on Fathers Day

This weekend the Schumann Resonance station in Tomsk was offline to come back up on Fathers day with this intricate woven pattern, that nobody has ever seen before. Surely this is a wake up call for many! And one that is continuing to baffle, stimulating conversations and discussions on the how, where and comparisons to ancient weaving techniques of tatting, knitting, crochet, and embroidery. YellowRoseforTexas mentioned an eye opeing possiblity of a Tesla Device ramping. She mentioned in her latest video, The Final Cut Update 6-9-23, where the sun on pictures has a halo with a purple flare extending downwards and side ways, almost like a key. So many are seen and caught on cameras, luckily we caught one here too at the Tachyon Healing Chamber to showcase - see below.

Upstairs is ready, are you too?! 

Many have reported how their bodies seem to have gone through very sleepy days and nights, no hunger or need to eat, creating like an instant detox effect and to suffer with aches and pains rampant all over the body, feeling dizzy and having weird sensations. Call it the 'Big Squeeze', a theory of Earth being moved up in the Dome could cause high pressure, oxygen shortage, pressure etc. Our team used the Active H2 (Molecular Hydrogen tablets) to relieve these high altitude symptoms. They worked fabulous against the stabbing headaches!

The Schumann Resonance Amplitude was hitting 190 - the signal being strengthened, hardly ever has it been that high and a probable cause for the pressure we felt. The purge has eased of now phew! It brings to mind as Cobra described once when the Resistance Movement was calling for surface popluation to join them underground. The requirements was to decide and pack, be ready in half an hour and never see your family and loved ones again. Once underground the main cleaning procedure was a shower, cleaning you of all parasitic entities on the physical, emotional, mental levels after which you would be quarantained for a couple of days to give you time to adjust to your state without parasites. It seems the pressure of SR ramping up, the movement of the Earth up in the Dome could cause this effect in us.

At the same time in the last two weeks we have undergone two time line jumps with a couple of little ones. Apart from everything else, life is still going strong when we come out of a timeline jump but we have to readjust our senses, fill up the cracks with our consciousness, our light, become aware of these unaware regions in ourselves. 

Remember it is easy to see the faults of another when you are barred from seeing your own. Many spoke about the difficult times their relationship went through as each partner is feeling so pressurized, needing time to understand the process, and that is a squeeze when lifes pressures are not lighting up either. Just remember each day, am or pm, three things of the warmth and goodness why you are together, remember the family events, And create new ones too!

Many anomalies are being experienced where one is so fortunate to see his debt of years, to compeltely disappear, another one, a woman found out the Benefit Office had declared her house as Dead! A couple of weeks later she was told by her phone company she had left the country, not, and then the bank topped it off by stopping her debit card. Her energy being so high and jolly, they had to 'ping' her with negative news to see if she was still around. Basically bringing her energy down so they could influence her energy as they cannot reach this high. This should tell us the power of positive vibes ! 

CHRISTIAN21 does a fine job of mapping out the construct of the West, as many did by finding out how the system was set up. If you have not seen his early interviews where it is clearly mapped out, go here at MCALLISTERTV part one of two interviews by Linda Paris. One of the very things we are doing is the exploring of this, here is all about the mapping of the federal, corporate, and the royal, the birth certificates as when we know, we show Upstairs, and those aiding us as well. These findings and sometimes even on the spot, as the books underneath their hands were being rewritten, everything is shown tieing how the EL system operated, how we ultimately were kept like in a zoo. How? is clearly described here in this video which ties things together video Soul Trap Frequency Fence  

A must watch of 18 minutes to see the big picture!

Keeping an Even Keel when you Stand
Ripples of Water


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Monday, 04 December 2023

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