Traditionally the Fourth of March is a day where a great number of Kings took the throne either by crowning ceremonies or laying claim to the Crown, and a long line of American presidents have been inaugurated on this day since 1776. Traditionally, it has been a significant day throughout human history – a time to reach out and connect with our roots. The Tree of Life is an ancient symbol for connection and life by its own virtue.

Who remembers the movie Avatar with the exquisite Tree of Life holding peace and connection for the people of the planet? The people connected to the Tree with their sensitive hair ends, bound to each other and the enlightened branches of the Tree. The Tree is sacred in giving life, feeding energy, providing shelter, nourishment and wisdom through its myriad ways of connection.

Like many of you, we are feeling it too, to be on the verge of something so extraordinary to happen, a life changing Event. The latest video of YellowRoseforTexas 'Things You Need to Know' explains what the last protocols are before we exit or pulled out if you like, just before we go back to where we truly belong. Her information is backed up by the satellites operated by NASA - link - Earth is no longer to be seen! From the many conversations on different social media platforms, it is clear that Earth is being moved by ISON a spaceship, towing Earth in front of the Gate. In the video of The Final Days, a strange anomaly seems to confirm a white Arch that casts a shadow and is many miles in diameter, not just touching the ground but going through it.

According to Rose, this could be because the gate Earth we are currently going through is etheric and slightly smaller, and the recommendation now is to 'Stand', as all other protocols have now been completed. See image video link The Final Days

What came up in discussions to help with this 'Stand', is for all feeling connected with the divine feminine energy, being a goddess or a god, is to create an image of you and I, of Mankind standing in front of the Tree of Life, to see a tree so big, so beautiful, so thrilling and vibrating with Life it fills every heart with Love. This is where you place all your loved ones, one by one, those you hold in your heart so dearly and who truly belong in the Tree at their own spot, protected from the elements by the wide canopy of leaves and branches in little huts with connecting ladders. See the roots filled with a beautiful range of crystals, like Amethysts, Turquoise, Carnelians, Diamonds, sparkling and resonating in divine light holding the Tree firmly rooted in its place.

To take your buzzing head completely out of the day, why not take a big piece of paper, the children's crayons, and draw this amazing scenery, truly bringing it to life. Whilst you draw, have a little talk with Mother Earth to help her through the birthing process. As Spring is making its way back, birds are seeking partners and nests, flowers are raising their heads out of the darkness of the ground. This is a most amazing form of meditation as the scene comes into life on the paper and in all hearts and minds!

Let us stand together as we enter this next phase of our evolution.

P.S. We would love to see you picturing of the Tree of Life. So make this drawing now and send us your 'Tree of Life picture', you will earn one of our gorgeous Goddess of Light BathBomb packages for free! Then in first April blog, we will publish your picture together with all other pictures !

Send in picture format to info @ tachyonhealingchamber. co. uk with your address !