Tiger Spin

Some of you remember the Buddhic Column as suggested earlier this year to clean up major cities in our blog here, here an easy version from YellowRoseforTexas now gave the following advice to raise your vibration over the coming period when we really need to guard our energies against any form of intrusion, yet at the same time also be ready to move upward:

  1. To raise your vibration, spin your auric energy clockwise building it from a slow spin into a very fast spin. Keep yourself in the calm centre. If it helps your mind to imagine, you can take a couple of turns physically spinning, for a spin or two. Then imagine the energy around your body doing that with you at the centre.
  2. Build it up fast like a tornado, and then give it instructions to continue. Periodically spin it again, during the day.
  3. "A way to do that is to use your mind, see your body surrounded by a golden soft light, and tell the light to spin, push it with your mind to spin to the right.
  4. Then give it instructions to continue to build speed, spinning to the right. You can lay back in a comfortable position in a recliner as easily as standing still or spinning yourself, to do that. It is the mind, working with the energy. If you need help, simply use your mind to ask Heaven or One to help you spin it. Do it off and on periodically, every day. You can also do that for your relatives."

For a moving torus look here

Dan Winter has been talking about having the ability to create and steer tornadoes being the only way to get out of here for quite some time. This field actually creates a torsion field, which like a magnet pulls positive energy to you, and bounces other negative aspects around you off. It creates a spring load, and when they hit the emit button, you spring forward. That energy has to be very big and very tight, to scalier you all the way up and forward out of here.

With to heartfelt thanks to YellowRoseforTexas, MoonBeamMammaBear, and all other contributors :)