SPIN and PING, making the connection with Home

SPIN and PING, making the connection with Home

Do you wake up from dark dreams these days with a sense of doom and gloom following you into the day? Many of you have reported bad nights with restless sleep - if any sleep at all. Your dreams may be invaded with negative scenes and thoughts arising out of dark feelings riddled with fear.

Such negative sensations can be effectively cleared. First of all, breathe deep into your tummy, breathe out with a gentle release of the HA sound through your throat, sit or lie down and remember where you are, and then ask yourself 'Who am I?' Then visualize a golden circle of light spinning clockwise at an arm's length away, first slowly building up to fast tornado.The golden tornado is dissolving all of your worries and stresses into nothingness with you in a calm center.

If you are any sensitive to energy, then the last week or so, you may have experienced a bombardment of negative energies, quite suddenly pulling your legs out from underneath you. Many have reported forgetting the positive things that are happening in their lives as well. One of those is the garden, all plants, shrubs, trees have grown not just inches, but many feet more than usual – all without much tending. Clearly something inside the plants is being positively affected by the energies we feel so hard hit by, discussed on many channels on YT and blogs.

Have you noticed, as well, how different the energy of the green around you feels, almost as if you are stepping into a another world? The shift to our familiar world is almost too much to hold the line of positivity and harmony. Yellow Rose for Texas' latest video 'The Trapped Human Mind' has beautifully shown how and what is the next phase: SPIN and PING to connect with Home

For the pro active ones this video to dissolve A.I.Nanobots  is warmheartedly recommended. Just click the link to access.

It's a good idea while listening to this program to drink plenty of purified and/or structured water, so your body can detox. If you have a specific blend of tea, blood purifier or Light Fusion Technology, use those too. Get extra rest to begin rebuilding your Immune System as soon as possible.

Listen for 20-40 minutes every day for 7 days, then take 2 days off. Repeat for the following 7 days with this protocol.

Be forewarned, this is a very thorough detox and you may consider combining it with Tachyon Healing Chamber sessions and/or Theragem Fusion Light Technology to make the detox easier on your body. We also recommend a bath filled with baking soda, salt (Epsom or sea salt) and borax, about a soup spoon of each. The MP4 is 20 minutes long, just perfect for a nice hot bath! You'll be surprised with what you find in your bath!

Our team did follow this protocol and was amazed at the results, as during one of the PHASE IV meditations of The UnknownLightWarrior [see shop https://www.tachyonhealingchamber.co.uk/shop ] we did experience hot flushes, which is a sign of response of the body releasing toxins. If you get too hot too, the suggestion is to have Apple Cider Vinegar, one teaspoon in a tall glass of water.

And lastly,


The elephant is an amazing animal with an enormous memory and can sense movement over a distance of 12km through their feet. Elephants have a wonderful sense of family and kinship that comes to the fore when two friends, separated for 30 years, come back together, the joy radiating through space.

It is with us as is it is with the elephant: We are heading home and the message is no longer soon, but almost there!

P.S. Remember to look for the rainbows these days, we have already counted 7 with many special 'double' rainbows spotted on one day!

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Sunday, 26 June 2022

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