Yellow Rose and White Lilies

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In the midst of winter when every bit green is covered in frost, snow or brown leaves, and the skies covered in grey nothingness day in day out, it is so hard to loose a loved one here. Having been with people for any prolonged time sharing day in day out the ups and downs of life you cannot feel but an emptiness in the heart. Especially in this time where the rampage of the 'bad medicine' is becoming more and more obvious. It is with love and compassion how YellowRoseForTexas talks us through the latest video 'Death' 1-7-23 so very timely for too many of us. Her message touches the heart of it whether you have cared for pets, children, companions or friends. Click here for the video.

YellowRoseForTexas on YouTube Death 1-7-23

For no one reading this blog it will be a surprise to see how the worldwide events are unfolding to an ending, a split of worlds however your perspective of that ending or beginning is based. Cobras s blog 'The Goddess Equator' of this last Tuesdays is one of those strong indications where a more compassion based society will be readily available. Other signs are the many meteors and planetary objects seen on many weather cameras and people's front porch cameras. And how about crimson red red sunsets spotted almost daily from Bavaria - Germany to Washington - USA! 

The point though is not to kneejerk into panic as the many over excited media wants you to, but to prepare yourself all the way. Physically stay healthy, emotionally clear attachments, mentally keep an overview as much as you can, and spiritually connect with Home, Heaven for guidance. Build your string of light as you see it in your minds eye, the more you see your colour, feel the vibration running through your body, the more you feel Trust the pull will be swift and gentle with ease and grace. Simpler than this it cannot come.

Update YellowRoseForTexas posted a second video today, please click on title.  

The Fast Out Update 1-26-23

And because Rose does mention Christian21 and the four lenses, you can listen to him here on Bitchute -McAllistertv

Hold Space with Love, Right Now - Right Here
Ever changing skies, down we go into the White Rab...

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Sunday, 03 December 2023

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