Ripples of Water

Hawthorn-in-Spring Along the Liverpool - Leeds canal

Over seven weeks already we are enjoying day by day beautiful sunshine, urging all of us here to pick up the paintbrush bring back the zest and vibrancy of Life. Nothing better to shake of the dread of winter cold - moving those limbs, adding colour onto buildings and a tan on our skin. Not very English at all, but things can change! 

The chickens, geese and ducks found it all highly entertaining, especially as they got the bits and bops of left over lunches, and absolutely loved the fresh water from the fountain on the lawn of the Tachyon Chamber. 

The UN declared water and its inhabitants to be endangered, quite funny when it covers 71 percent of Earth's surface, and we have lots of ways to convert salt water into fresh drinkable water. But it seems change is in the air, the blowing Noreaster seems to spiral to Southeast whilst we are in a timeline jump. See the Schumann Resonance image from this week after a seven hour black out on June 6th is followed by massive white outs spiking up to 120Hz, which is taking place for further cleansing and clearing until the next jump can take place putting us in an even better position to jump right out. Buckle up or undulate! Things are gearing up for a spectacular and sudden change, ...maybe....

Cobra also just published a new update with Operation Dreamland going up a notch again, many claimed victories although micro chips implants will be a problem for a while. The dark ones not having won at all losing, ties in with the lates video of YellowRoseforTexas 'The Final Cut Update 6-9-23' has just been released. That is certainly worth a watch and a rewatch as so much information is given from very diverse sources linking much news together. Mudfossil University - Instition on the giants, Christian21 - on clones will be outlawed, Dutchsinse on the breaking fires all over the North American continent linking it with (Mind Unveiled ?) on the underground fires, and of course on the many who are in GITMO judged and executed under mililtary law. Rose states with all the patience we being awakened have, this has shortened the war by at least 200 years! Reportedly the West had to give up a great number of their NWO plan that seems to have been almost fully forfeited and is going down into the Pit. This time in the future is going to be known as 'The Time of The Great Splitting'. 

Update: the Big Dipper has been seen in the wrong spot in the night sky, easily seen when up at night - see image below. Share with your friends to help them wake up. This is something undeniable and even more so the Pole Star has changed its position from true North to North West. 

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Sunday, 03 December 2023

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