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Waking up today to the news that further restrictions and social distancing measures are in place, outlandish fines for people who dare to see loved ones or being denied access to shops, clinics and restaurants if they aren't wearing a mask – we see that the coming weeks are going to be a challenge.

The war between Light and Dark has never been so blatant, one look at the many videos of the USA fires, uprisings and riots, and the anger directed to those simply wanting to go about their daily business in peace shows us this. Major orators, like Cobra and Steve Judd – astrologer are speaking out about the mass oppression taking place. It's finally time to unveil the massive hypocrisy and darkness that has been covertly occurring on our planet for decades.

Darkness wears a mask of fear and a cloak of control. We are ordered to bow our heads, to supplicate and so we ask ourselves, where do we draw the line? For some, standing their ground and remaining resilient comes naturally, but for others, it is a daily battle of confusion and contradiction – negative energies eating away at the light, causing widespread panic and anxiety.

I remember so well what my mother used to tell me; scolding does not hurt. Yet, now it has taken a turn whereby those in power are not only scolding us, but actually infringing on our rights and blinding us with contradictory and mind-boggling rules from one day to the next. Naturally, this instils fear because there are no clear parameters set of when this chaos is going away.

Here in the UK, it did not seem so bad up until today, one could easily work around the restrictions set upon us, and the number of infected was the lowest ever. Until, and some saw it coming, the draconian actions in Victoria Australia would jump half way across the world to the UK. Who really thinks it is necessary to lockdown whole counties? Rules of six together? Two metre distances? Wearing masks (with trackers!)? Have a temperature gun to your head everywhere you want to enter? Security at supermarket doors, and to top it off banks suggesting that you must follow the rules of Track and Trace, but who take extensive time opening a bank account for you, a minimum of 6 months!

Why a rule of Six? This is what you want to know. It is said that teachers in classrooms can hold a maximum of six students in check at any given time, no more. Once the chaos goes beyond the magical number of six, the unfortunate teacher can kiss their lesson goodbye. Can we take that as insight into what is really going on here?

Another six months lockdown in in sight, with six already done. Here is something to think about from radio presenter Hal Turner - USA
So where does this lead to, how much more information does one really need to make an informed decision on what the virus is, what it does to people and how it acts? Doing a bit of investigation, one quickly sees that holistic therapies and taking care of yourself with good food, exercise, sleep and home remedies such as baking soda, iodine, colloidal silver water, vitamine C, fresh vegetables and fruit is sufficient to boost the immune system. It's simply a matter of common sense. Non-invasive light therapies, and Tachyon sessions too, keep us sane.

The following Mass Meditation awaits us on the 29th September at 22.00 – a glorious opportunity for us to shine our light. This is the perfect opportunity for us to reach those areas which have so far been hidden to us, in the plasma levels. Plasma, never referred to in topics of learning, is important as it is here where we create our cohesiveness, unity, togetherness, allowing our creator God to come into play.

For now, those who feel unnerved, just remember to breathe! Do the Flower of Life meditation, and join us for a session in the Tachyon Healing Chamber.

With gratitude to all those who photograph, blog, text, app, tweet, call, talk their truth and foremost share their findings with each and everyone of us.