Call to Action - Portal of Light Activation - May 1


An important Global meditation date is approaching! Get ready for Monday May 1st as has been called the moment of the completion of a very powerful cycle that of the start of the Age of Aquarius. According to Cobra this is the most powerful planetray activation of our lifetimes until now!

At 17.06 UTC is the time that the energy of the Galactic Centre will begin to flow toward the surface of Mother Earth in full force! So this is the best moment to connect in a beautiful harmony with all other meditators in the following meditation - click link - : 

The Sisterhood of the Rose released this interview with Cobra, very informative and uplifting in these time of uncertainty. A couple of highlights here:

'Cobra: Okay. Being near water is, if you are near water, near the ocean or near a lake or near a river, you will be able to transmit that energy of the portal directly throughout the planet because water is a very good transmitter of energies of light. Also, being on a top of a mountain creates a good connection with the sky, and then you are acting as a very effective transmitter for those energies as well.'

'Using a cintamani stone during the meditation is definitely the most powerful tool that you can use to ground and channel this energy. Does using more than one cintamani stone magnify that energy even more? And will the galactic pulse on May 1st actually flow through our cintamani stones?
Cobra: Yes, of course. Using more than one cintamani stone does magnify the energy, and yes, the energy of the galactic pulse will flow directly through your cintamani stones.'

'Cobra: This is exactly what is happening. Energy of Pluto is very laser-like, very direct, uncompromising. And this is exactly what will break this stalemate position on the planet. It'll break this holding pattern. And when Pluto energy comes, it is very sudden, very unexpected, and very direct.'

'Cobra: This is a direct result of the purification of the darkness, especially on the etheric plane right now. All those entities, dark technologies, all that is being cleared, and this is quite intense. And of course, do your own protection techniques and focus upon the light. And it is expected that those things will get better at some point where we will be able to protect ourselves more and when light can begin to fully enter on the etheric plane.'

For those who wish to have some visuals of images, the French have made this beautiful powerful pdf, you can download it here. 

More therapies to help you relax, ground and heal at the Tachyon Chamber! Over the last couple of months we received some requests to give Tachyon Healing sessions by Remote Therapy, in other words, the person receives the healing whilst at home in their own environment. This can be a wonderful way of experiencing the deep penetration of Tachyon energy if you are unable to travel. Here is some lovely feedback from one of our clients receiving remote healing at her home in Ireland:

Another treatment offered at the Tachyon Chamber is Theragem Light Therapy - a non-invasive light therapy that has helped many people with a range of medical ailments and complaints. Anything from A - Z will benefit tremendously from a single session of each, or in combination to double the force. in this case 1+ 1 is 3 is true!

And lastly, as a sign of Light helping and supporting with rainbow drops, yesterday geomagnetic storm saw one of the most magnificent Auroras , these are from the UK as low as Stonehenge! VotL

Ripples of Water
Wave Flash

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Sunday, 03 December 2023

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