Did you take a look at our online shop this year? Alongside our gorgeous, luxurious Goddess of Light Bath Bombs the shop now features Orgonite Goddess of Light Coasters!

A wonderful addition to the Goddess of Light Collection, our new coasters feature a dazzling mixture of Rose de Venus, beautiful gentle gemstones and crystals mixed with orgonite into one stunning container. The orgonite coasters can add a gentle touch to your meditation spot or sleeping area. Enhance your detox water, cup of tea or charge your glass of wine with the natural rays of the Goddess! Gold, Silver, Copper and a sparkling array of precious stones are embedded for the optimum enhancement of your surroundings.

Combining orgonite with the Rose de Venus symbol, a super feminine heartfelt expression infused with the Theragem's Goddess of Light loving vibration, you will be on the receiving end of a constant flow of beautiful divine energy wherever you place this!

Not to forget to mention the artistic touch to lighten up any room!

Whether you meditate for world peace or for harmony and a relaxed state of mind, it's easy with the Goddess of Light orgonite coaster. Why not combine this with a Goddess of Light Cacao Bath Bomb for a unique Mother's Day gift or Easter treat.

Bed & Breakfast on THC site opening in April!

We are delighted to announce the availability of an on site Bed & Breakfast, looking for a peaceful retreat our friends at Organic Retreats. Organic Retreats is a space free from the pressures of the outside world providing a calming and restful experience in the heart of Lancashire's beautiful countryside. 

You can book for the night enjoying two sessions on each day, bookings are separately with THC for Tachyon sessions whilst in the proximity of the Tachyon Healing Chamber relaxing in the wood heated hot tub and sauna, or going for a leasurely stroll at the canal. For more detailed packages send us an email or call us to find out what is available and can be done in your specific case and or condition.

With a range of exquisitely designed holiday Lets available, you can be sure to enjoy the perfect family break, and the opportunity to reconnect with nature and the great outdoors.

From leisurely canal-side strolls to local shopping and organic dining – experience the best the north west has to offer with Organic Retreats. You can also take advantage of our very own Tachyon Healing Chamber onsite and enjoy a relaxing, revitalising treatment session suitable for everyone.

The Lets are available from 8th April 2022, so call us to reserve your place and benefit from this great opportunity!

Visit: Altham lets | Organic Retreats | Altham to learn more! 

When you book a stay at Pendle View Lodge and book a Tachyon Healing Chamber session a free Rose de Venus Coaster lies ready for you upon arrival!

A quick note to help you rememcber to earn your free of charge Goddess of Life Bathbomb! Post, or photograph and email us your Tree of Life drawing for a gorgeous set, you will love it !