A Star for A Star, the Door is Open


Finding it difficult to maintain your equilibrium now the days are getting shorter and darker, and on top wetter! Our team has made a new series of 'Goddess of Light' Bathbombs together with the essential oil mixes of our shop. Loads of fun making them whilst the Theragem Crystal Light therapy was running with crystals and frequencies enhancing, lighting up our mood!  In that state we created one special combination of oils that helps to lift the mood instantly, 'FORGIVE'. As forgiving is not only letting go of the pain of a better past but also to forgive yourself. This lightfilled fragrance helps to dissolve old pains, release residue dark bits and bops to make way for a much lighter state of mind and body.  The Tachyon guests that came for a Tachyon session definitely appreciated the blast of the scents!

Of course, there is a Christmas scented Bathbomb, a lovely sweet star pine tree smell with a touch of cinnamon and frankincense!

As so many people are struggling with pain our experiments led to a base for the relief of pain with essential oils for joints and muscles. Don't expect the obligatory tigerbalm but a smell like sweet grass, like a day in the sun in the hay! Rest assured there is no use of grass if you suffer from allergies but this will energize the blood and metabolism for an oozing deep night of restful sleep.

All our products are organic in quality, vegan and not tested on animals. Plus last but least the added tachyon energy and the crystal light frequencies of Theragem are a divine combination, not just for Christmas but at all other times as well! The Goddess of Light products are a joyful gift to give or to receive.

Our subscription blog readers received their DISCOUNT CODE for use in the shop. Check out our bllog next week as we will add more attractive offers every week until stock last or 31st October 2023. Or email and subscribe to receive the CODE.

Since the VAH has turned opside down the amount of information that has come out is astonishingly good with more and more people waking up to the utter darkness of the place we called home for so long. This week YellowRoseforTexas passed on the very uplifting message from Upstairs:

Hear we are waiting in front of the door 

This si the door we have been waiting for, that should be enough to help lift spirits when all is down! We will be seeing more and more revealing information coming up, and this could have to do with the U-turn on several public announcements of PM Rishi Sunak here in the UK! 

A little reminder for each and everyone of us, as we are approaching the end of this Fourth Book of Life, for each and everyone there is help instantly when you connect with your heart, speak out loud your worries and concerns to The One, Father One. You feel the resonance coming in a soft sound, a warming feel, a gentle voice, or even distant chimes.Some even reported administrative actions being erased as if they never excisted. Just give it a try!

An Exhilarating Ring of Light!
Autumn Equinox Meditations - Flip to Light!


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Sunday, 03 December 2023

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