New Moon on a Wishing Day


A quick update this week as we seem to be hurtling towards the end of the last page of the Fourth Book of Life, as our friend YellowRoseforTexas calls it. Rose has recently published this video and another one is expected any moment now - see update*. We highly recommended you read the comments section to further enhance your understanding of what's actually happening interdimensionally, as the team there is asking some very intriguing questions that we all want the answers to.

'The Elohiem are not GOD'

(And, yes, Elohiem is spelled correctly) This is a very good read to understand what YellowRoseforTexas is talking about and delve further back into Rose's information as she has been posting for a long time and has a huge following. This link here leads to a download of over 340 pages with Rose's material which dates back to before 2010. Our history being altered, it is a good read and quite easy during summer holidays. That is of course if you have not already been brought up to speed because of the massive changes shared by so many on all media channels by people sharing changes in our skies, colours of clouds, ranging from magenta to deep green and blue. Just this week the third eye was spotted in the eye of the storm, not seen in any other image of this particular storm. 

*UPDATE: The new YellowRoseforTexas video is out 'The Con - Debunking the Lies'. First time Rose speaks out masons using her material to lead people blindly West. This about the Division and going Home.

Yesterday, the Unknown Lightwarrior held a 144k meditation at the time of the New Moon - today is a Yellow Human on Tone 7. This is the Ideal time to look back and to reflect on what we have achieved so far. It's also important for us to look forward and determine the steps we need for our ultimate goal to be accomplished.

So, light some incense, sit quietly for a moment, breathe and love the space you are in. The time is calling for inward-focus and self-reflection. It does not have to be for long, but just to the point that you feel right.

The information here is revealing more and more about the precipice stage we now find ourselves in: FM144 Final Preparations

That stirred some conversation indeed. And if you feel compelled to DO something with like-minded people, take a look at acupuncturist /blogger Joseph's great group. Lots of support and strength can be found here. Remember, it is about us all working together, not being separate or divided. UK groups active 

And last but not least, book yourself one of our discounted Tachyon Healing Sessions this August. It really is the best way to clean your energies and to boost your cells this summer!

A French Revolution! Sheer Tachyon Light Flooding ...


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Thursday, 18 August 2022

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