Starting last Friday 5 June with The Unknown Lightwarrior's call to action to raise the timeline for the mass protests of last weekend, an opportune time line of powerful moments is coming towards us. The consciousness awareness reverberated throughout with momentous vibrations flowing through as shown:

"Towards the end of our meditation the image came of the pods with people (as in Matrix) waking up, being freed from their pods, coming out of it; amazed as it really happened! And the birds came in, saying they will be there tomorrow around the millions, letting people hear them, stay in their hearts, be with what is true! Seeing an enormous bird enveloping his wings over the crowd protecting them in soft feathers for their voices to be heard, so others can hear and feel this as an opening for the change to happen!" -  JK 

Almost needless to say the protests were mostly peaceful, in good spirits! And when you do happen to walk outside in nature, listen to our feathered friends, their whistle full of enchanted stories, vibrations of light. Click on the images for the links.

Coming Sunday June 14th, at 3:10pm UTC, sees the Peace meditation called by Cobra as a particular configuration of anarchy is to cause a feeling of helplessness. If you feel triggered to balance out and do this meditation here is the link!

The Stargate activation on Solstice 21st of June coincides with the New Moon, ending and starting a new wave of intentions. And not just for the month of July but also our intent for these coming six months. 

Tuesday 30th of June mark the day, build up your energies. This is one of those meditations you cannot miss if you want to make your mark upon the dawning of a new era. This is part II in a series of three meditations for 2020, the meditation links will be coming up soon.

And to top it off to dedicate time in your agenda for the 4th of July for the Full Moon on Independence Day. Those of you following Qdrops a lot of ultimatums, end of days already having been set up and more coming! Not too forget the end of lock down in most cases (almost) completed by then in many countries.