May the Source be with You!

Sunspot-2 Opening Up!

Today at 15.00 The Unknown Light Warrior is leading a 144k mass meditation, a Maya Tzolkin group is also inspired, with South America where the solar eclipse is taking place. All action in line up to next weeks 21st December Solstice meditation and planetary alignment, very exciting!

Today is the last day of the Mayan calendar Tzolkin of 260 days with the signature of the Sun smack bang in a transition year of Storm. We are being asked to ground thoroughly in a Storm year as the energies are repositioning whilst the Moon (our feelings and emotions) is being put in the foreground.And if you want to do something, meditation is the way forward!

If you feel guided partake click here to join the Unknown LightWarrior meditation, it will be quite something else!
Do not look back!
The Goddess Enters and the World Awakens
The Call of Duty for the Fellowship of Humanity

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Sunday, 26 June 2022

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