For those who want to visit the Tachyon Chamber, and need to travel from far away, the onsite bed & breakfast is now open for bookings. See available dates here: https://www.organicretreats.co.uk/ 

This wonderful retreat is run by the lovely Maria and her team - so if you book with them be sure to liaise with us as well! Tachyon Weekend bookings have to be booked in advance to ensure a member of our team is available, as it is not standard. Of course, if you happen to stumble across our site whilst staying at the B&B you are welcome to book at anytime. Even onsite discovering all the options available to you, you can still book yourself in for an unexpected treat!

The lovely setting is enhanced by the rolling panoramic vistas of Pendle Hill. Enjoy the view whilst you sit in the luxuriously hot bubble bath during the Tachyon Sessions. You can even cook your own food with organic eggs and fresh veg!

One of the highlights is that Maria's team has ensured there are wood stoves in the lounge, the hot tub and sauna, so while you are still tingling with Tachyon energy, the stove will warm your total being!

A great option is for you to enjoy five sessions of Tachyon Healing over the course of a weekend - starting on Friday evening, followed by 9.30am and 4.30pm on Saturday and the same again on Sunday. In the meantime you can enjoy the hot tub, sauna, and have a relaxing walk alongside the Liverpool - Leeds Canal. With the gentle May weather and lots of gorgeous walks nearby, now is the perfect time to book.

You can also request healing sessions with Theragem Crystal Light Therapy to get even deeper healing value from your trip. Theragem is a light fusion therapy that non-invasively treats you whilst comfortably reclining. Theragem is wonderful for many ailments, pain and troubling conditions. Do contact us directly to learn about what Theragem can do for you and for special combined prices for Tachyon and Theragem sessions.

Everything you need for a totally relaxing weekend to boost you back to life again!

Have a preview here of the delight that is on offer;

Did you have a look at our shop? Apart form the gorgeous luxurious Goddess of Light Bath Bombs, the shop now features orgonite Goddess of Light Coasters!