Keeping an Even Keel when you Stand

Screenshot_20230710-104905_YouTub_20230714-155928_1 Waimea Beach at sunrise

Rapid changes these last two weeks, especially after Monday when the Core of the CPU seemed to have been dumped. 

The after effect causing a ' freeze frame', loss of memory like a bleep and for many even bigger time jumps. You can even check it out by watching a long movie the total duration without disturbance, notice how short or long the duration of the movie is against your time perception.

Another thing people mentioned this week is driving somewhere not knowing how they got there, and not even recognising  it. As if the map in their minds had been erased. Quite disturbing!

Part of the recent memory loss can be attributed to the break in the Earths magnetic field, as Ben of Suspious 0bserver has been talking about. He recently mentioned the magnetic pole has reached the 'point of no return' and now having gone over this point, it will have an effect on a however it seems to have gone up a notch when pc, phones, and other ai related stuff is making glitching. One such glitch was mobile recorded video of a news channel. It seems the holographic images are being used, really this is the other level of being right in your face. See the male newsreporter on the left in the last second, seriously shocked!

COBRA has held a conference last week in Kyoto, Japan. Whilst we are awaiting for the information to come through this link to the previous to the April conference in Taiwan is a great preparation to digest. Peter Pans Blog from April this year!

Going through all these changes is much easier and more economical, if you do your clearing yourself. In these turbulent times, although going to a therapist is helpful for the objective viewpoint, really the more clarity will help with any lingering unresolved energies. We have already for some time the best solution in our shop with these four audios being the most resistant and efficient possible. Compact one hour audios to be placed on phone for ease of listening. Just play once a week early morning as part of your am meditation.

Hence why, until the end of July we are offering this excellent 4Phase system on 10% discount. The four therapy audios downloaded on your phone, listened to in a regular pattern of once a week is the best, most thorough therapy we have ever encountered. There are no entanglements, no cords or bindings, just you and the audio clearing your field on every level in time or space possible. Instructions on best use are provided, drink sufficient water adding electrolytes, then just relax.

USE CODE: 4PHASES10 at the checkout. Offer ends midnight on 31.7.23

In Silence We Stand...and Remember
The Big Squeeze - Wake Up


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Sunday, 03 December 2023

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