Feminine vortex thanks to Mystic raven

Wow what a month January is turning out to be! Heart openings, revelations, removing lots of layers on information and lots going on, especially on the mental plane!

First the Unknown Lightwarrior's radio show  last night with fresh intel, finally after some silence, a must listen if you have not already! It is like putting the dots together where Jim shows how the much referred compromised list he compiled years ago shows how to discover what is really going on with certain infections that have sprung up. Very useful especially if you are part of active groups right now and feel things are off somehow. 

Then Cobra posted today an alert as the main vortexes in Slovenia, Congo, and California for our beloved planet are being targeted by the dark. If you can send love, pure love into it or join the daily meditations at 6.45pm UTC. Read about it here.

And then the huge Wave of Truckers in Canada and the United States on the road towards both borders, over 500.000 truckers! This amazing energy shows how the Canadians are as one standing for the Freedom to choose and to life a live without restrictions!

So let us support in heart and spirit, choose for freedom, for love, for light, for children!

Valentine's Day is coming up so have a look at our gorgeous handmade 'Goddess of Light' Bathbombs. They are lusciousness overflowing organic oils of Rose - Lavender, and a divine scented blend of Jasmine - Lavender - Myrrh, all in organic sheabutter, coconut, avocado and hibiscus leaves for the softest smoothes skin! 

What better way to honour the Divine Feminine than to meditate in a bath full flowers!

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