In Silence We Stand...and Remember

ccbbc15113a8fe17 In Golden Silence We Stand

Hold on to your hats would have been a good title too. If you have not yet listened to this, The Silent Prayer of Jess Peterson, than please do. Take it to heart, that is where it belongs, so you step in it and wear it with love, in calm yet vibrant, full of Life.

YellowRoseForTexas pointed to the Nasa cameras watching the sun outside our Dome with two incoming bright lights at the 8-9 and 2-3 o'clock. Highly unusual, not seen before. That is what gives the feel of squeezing as we pushed through the hourglass ready to make the final division a fact. Cobra said the roughly the same thing, and many of us have been at it for so long meditating, praying, focusing, it will be hard to step in the role of the observer. Yet that is being asked, that is one of the reasons of the coming to the Tachyon Healing Chamber. To restore the connection with Home and family yes, which leads to becoming the observer as all is in peace. Of course there is more but ultimately the root to Healing is our connection with Home, our Ancestors, and our Family so much bigger than we can imagine!

Many see the glitches of the Matrix, feel the glitches of their bodies, the computers, and the skies too. Two suns, three suns, upside down moons, sunsets in the North, sun rises in the North, wired motherboards clouds, it is clear it will not be long! Many of the ones we have yet to remember are here, go outside when it's dark and skies are clear, you can and will see them.

The Lions Gate Portal is here just know you are loved, you are trusted, you are safe! 

The Lioness Awaits
A Roll, Jump and one Pull
Keeping an Even Keel when you Stand

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Guest - Leah on Tuesday, 08 August 2023 23:54

All beautiful words full of joy and love! Almost time to out on our dancing shoes!

All beautiful words full of joy and love! Almost time to out on our dancing shoes!
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Sunday, 03 December 2023

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