How Chickens Watch The News

If you also had enough of waiting for a change in the world this weekend, even with these gorgeous temperatures, do as our friends the Chickens who settled down for a Tachyon bath at the Tachyon Healing Chamber after watching and reading all these news items! 

Since seven planets and the moon have lined up as shown on NASA cams (left) when seen in an orrery, which is a mechanical representation of our solar system (right), it is creating an opening for a key to go and unlock the door. This pattern is fully lined up until the 27th of June, and now seems like a very good time of unlocking the Key.

Kindwhile, definitely worth a listen to is the lovely radio interview with fellow Tachyon Healing Chamber owner Ada Tourtsakis in vortex city Sedona, USA, about Tachyon healing, dealing with an array of energies and the intracies of what is all behind illnesses and certain conditions, for example addictions. Much respect as it is clear and upbeat about a multilayered subject - Blogtalk Radio (link)

Well, and if you are like us and cancelled your Netflix subscription, all these below are a great way to sharpen your observation skills and your critical thinking.

PS, if you yourself need a rest after going through all this, which we totally understand, our friends at are building an off grid cabin for overnight stays, for those loving the rustic feel in a very green cladded, Pendle hill view environment. And dont forget to do as the Chickens, get Tachyon a session while you are at it.

Enjoy and hope to see you soon!

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Thursday, 18 August 2022

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