Gina Marie Colvin - Salem 7-7-2020

An impressive roll out of a year to date, with these last couple of weeks 5 (!) Mass Meditations reaching their critical mass numbers! Yes, a big congratulations to all participants, spreading the news and taking the time to activate each and everyone of us putting our timeline on a higher level, and even to all timelines converging into one. 

People reporting back with news from minute to minute, pictures, images and even main stream news finally allowing the horrendousness of that what was hidden for so long, to trickle through. So it is no wonder combined with the meditations people feeling totally overwhelmed, exhausted, so tired they are fatigued upon waking up with nauseousness, battling internal pressures, trauma's reliving and self-harm inflicting.

Is it time for a breather? A bit of fun with self love and care on the way? Well, according to yesterday's blogs on 7 - 7 - 2020 of CoBra's - Age of Aquarius Activation Report, and Yellow Rose for Texas - Dis assembling ED update 7-7-2020, now is the time that we should really focus on envisioning our future becoming a lot more positive, lighthearted, and generally have a bit more fun. After all it is not as dark as it seems or is it?

But how, when all we can see in the UK is grey dark skies with miserable rain pouring down on our poor heads? When every moment we are bombarded with news that excites us, or shakes us to the core? When we still are inundated with requests to participate in mass meditations holding the light? When, when, when.....and yet indeed this is exactly the moment for us to take breathers, create little joyful gaps, fill ourselves with humor and laughter, as that is what makes us man (and) kind. 

Maybe just do as these plants do, just be! Come rain or shine in these two weeks time they have lifted their heads out of the dark into the light. Great example for us to follow with a bit of faith, hope and grace, we will come out just fine! Love and light to you all.

And p.s. if you are meditating for Ghislaine M's safety to get her to justice, add a bit for DJT's wellbeing as the star alignments are similar to the attacks on John F Kennedy (check this out while you are at it) and Reagan.