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Screenshot_20230201-170317_YouTube The Crystaline Dome

Our last post where Eve's eye showed the rocks could not foresee the ongoing earthquake swarm in Turkey today. Swarm because it is every 5 to 20minutes above 3.5 on the Richter scale. Turkey area is getting hammered needing our holding space dearly. Several noteworthy key points are covered by James Kaufmann World News Today about the enormous spiking of the Schumann Resonance with a huge release towards the Italian zone resulting in the outage of the Internet and these earthquakes. 

Dutchsinse held a live session pointing at  an upcoming similar sized earthquake in the opposite side of earth in the Pacific in 5 to 7 days from now. Like Christian21 forewarned in his interview with McAllisterTV two scare events, one more to come, then 7 messages, then 2 more scare events. 

All that during a Full Moon and the Grammys featuring a live ritual sponsored by P f izer. Caught in the act! If you look up the mirroring of the word rezifp in Hebrew means burner or ravager an ancient west semitic god of the plaque. In the meantime the red star Betelgeuse of Orions belt is also failing and soon will go Nova, you can follow what Rose has indicated on this live stream and if you can look at it upside down, as this is likely to be mirrored too.

Soon the masking will drop even more, and not just on live TV as here with the Bangles at 46min, or with this German comedian, also on live television. Have a look up at your skies for the crimson red sunsets or realize the fog at the end of your peripherie where the trees disappear could be the Matrix without power. Better to be prepared so for once you will be the sane one in this bizarro world.

The cover photo from the DotConnector Podcast on YT is featuring the dome as he and friends caught it with some simple yet ultra sophiscated equipment from the back garden at clear nights. IN hos own words see below, smething to think about when you see Betelgeuse sparkling like a fuse going out.

Whatever is happening, hold your heart center hold Space for those passing over, keep a loving vibration for here and there. YellowRoseForTexas did call it Sitting a great term! and Sitting does not just mean on your butt doing nothing, you can still do your dishes, iron and watch tv, but be spontaneous in your daily actions, give your rythm a push doing it different or throw timetables around. A I cannot deal with that very well, especially when multiple people do that worldwide and everywhere. Buckle up, buttercups the whistle for this run here will soon be played, like every game!

And for a wonderful listen to this of San Tarot - a Collective Reading - spot on 🌟 upbeat and positive

Maybe this is why there are spaces for Tachyon sessions available as the Chambers have 12miles radius, to keep a stable centre for those living inside these radiuses. Do feel free to book yours! 

And here a link to the interview 2023 Joint Cobra interview Goddess Temple Project for those who still feel this world can be saved :) Soon this place will be closed....

Fire the Grid 21 Feb 23
Yellow Rose and White Lilies

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Monday, 04 December 2023

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