Heralding of A Birth

Nine Rainbows on a rainy November morning as Red October had rolled over into Red November with waves of new information reaching us each and every day. From smoking guns, UK Charles announcing a ban on smoking, to deep hurt and despair as people's purses and hearts are more and more squeezed by the limitations of living, as they Stand against scrupulous beings. 

Most of us have seen some anomalies of some kind, whether in the sky of double, and even triple, suns, or big pillars of light, to the only wiggling leaves where nothing else moves, to glitches as people, animals and even planes not moving, standing still. The latest one, the river Nile turning deep red. Its quite fascinating when you allow that reality to be for real, as glitches of this failing Matrix. Once you do, it takes the edge off of the new, and you can go back to Trust inside your Heart, let the inner Silence take over for a prayer or meditation, for those who do need help at the moment. Do say out loud, it's to be used where Heaven most sees fit, as it is Law, it allows for magnifications and redirection to those who need it most.

We human beings are resilient especially when we know the end is near and it is in our favour. Home is beckoning! And once you know that every hit that DS/Covens do, it speeds up time nearing the end of this movie. Just notice how fast time is flying at those kind of 'duh' moments!

Many well-known faces or rather their names, like Dutchsinse, the earthquake forecaster and Vincent Kennedy, who have informed us diligently of wrongs and cover-ups, have announced closing their accounts. Others show us that the time to draw an end to this 'movie' such as The_Ripple_Effect, reposted by YellowRoseForTexas who got heads up, warns of impending government and Bank shutdown on a global level as of 17 November. If Saturday your card will not work, it is to be replaced by ISO20022 and Quantum Financial System by Monday 20th November. Better forewarned, get sufficient supplies for family and pets in. Then once the money spell is gone, the long expected split can occur any moment.

YellowRoseForTexas announced this week that the 'bell' has rung outside, so all debt is called due.  Exciting times despite, or in spite, of everything.

UPDATE: As with everything 'they' are trying to stall for time, best way of reating loosh is fearmongering. And we are wading through the thick of it... So here a little reminder for your own balance and staying withing your ground:

Unfortunately here an announcement from the Tachyon Healing Chamber Team that, for an unforeseeable time the North West Chamber is closed for guests and sessions. Regrettably the garden room sustained water damage that will require quite some funds to repair. Considering all options, once we know of further developments the blog and email will inform you. Of course you can always visit one of the two other public Tachyon Healing Chambers, on the lovely Isle of Wight and in the North of London. We are sure they will gladly welcome you!

Our shop is open though for online sales, with some beautful loving presents for the upcoming festive season!

Closed here - Eyes and Minds to Heaven
An Exhilarating Ring of Light!


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Sunday, 03 December 2023

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