Grounding and Detoxing Through your Feet


Our last blog showed you our fabulous local chickens sitting calmly preening their feathers and shaking their bottoms as they run around at the farm. One of the chicks - named 'Wobbly' - was damaged while forming in the egg and his feet were malformed upon hatching. Thankfully, with Maria's fabulous care and attention with light therapy, the little chick can now waddle along relatively normally.

As we go about our daily lives, how often do we consider our feet? They do so much to keep us going, working hard throughout the day whether it's walking, house-cleaning, cooking or gardening. Even something as fun as shopping requires us to be on our feet! When we stop connecting to our feet we literally lose our grounding, our breathing becomes more shallow, and our minds are pushed very easily into 'fight or flight' adrenal flux. We often don't realize how much our feet do for us until the cracks literally start appearing. With the arrival of summer, sun and sandals we thought it would be great to have a little attention spent on the bottom parts! Dry, cracked and uncared for feet can make us all feel self-conscious and neglected.

Over the last twenty years, doctors have increasingly reported that their patients register higher and higher in aluminium. This comes from various sources – air, water, food, medications, cosmetics and everyday products, which can accumulate in the lymph system of the body. They then affect the sodium potassium channels, which then use calcium to try and counteract the aluminium. A downward cycle so to speak. As we age our bodies tend to sag, particularly around these bindings of aluminium and calcium down to our knees, calves and feet. An early warning sign of this is when your feet no longer 'sweat' and always feel cold!

The effect is that the feet become astringent with salt, thus forming callouses and hard skin. It's here where the flow of the lymphatic system is interfered with, causing the nodes of the knees and calves to swell and become locked. The pain halts normal movement generating stiffness and fatigue which is very uncomfortable, especially when travelling via air or by car.

We are delighted to stock one of the best foot creams available right here in our Tachyon Healing Shop: Heeling Soles Foot Cream. The topical application is so effective and convenient in its approach, removing heavy metal toxins and reducing ankle swelling overnight. Simply apply a little of the cream over the soles of the feet at night.

Heeling Soles Foot Cream is currently on sale for your Summer Feet with a 10% discount. The 4oz jar will easily last throughout the summer and into the autumn!

Herbalix is a world-wide renowned brand of biodynamic organic herbal creams and lotions created to be used topically, opening up the lymphatic system. The founder of Herbalix sings ancient chants passed down through the generations from 'father to son' to activate their products with the vibration of love for the herbs and the healing abilities of the mixture. All their products are made on site in Washington State and used worldwide by Centres of Health helping many people to heal from toxic overload within their bodily systems.

Give it a try, we know you are going love it as much as we do!

NB. Of course, what would make your feet love you back is to treat yourself to regular foot baths. Make the perfect foot soak by combining baking soda, magnesium flakes (our buckets are 4kg), add some fresh summer herbs or essential oils to finish. Our favourite fragrance at the moment is a lovely potpourri of lavender, Rose petals, Hibiscus flowers heads. This gorgeous smelling bath bag for FREE when purchasing the Goddess of Light Magnesium Flakes bucket!

So remember 'Wobbly' step into nature and take super care of your feet!

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Thursday, 18 August 2022

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