A French Revolution! Sheer Tachyon Light Flooding the Land of God


The 14th of July is one of the most famous and celebrated of French holidays, as people remember and celebrate the fall of the Bastille! 

Well, it now seems as though a Second Renaissance has taken place with our brothers and sisters across the Channel! Almost overnight, over thirty (!) Tachyon Healing Chambers have been placed in the Land of God. The French must have woken up to the sheer Light of the Tachyon Healing Chambers. How wonderful that is! 

Who would like to see the setting up of more Tachyon Healing Chambers here in Great Britain? If you are interested in setting up your very own Tachyon Healing Chamber then we invite you to contact us! We can help you plan and establish your very own piece of Heaven. Our country can trace its ancient roots back to Atlantis, where the mists and the dawn of time resided. With deep-seated ties to so many other countries, we can play a very positive and absolutely vital role in the liberation of the planet by installing multiple Tachyon Chambers on the ground!

If being the guardian of a Tachyon Chamber is not for you, then that's okay. You can still manifest positive change for our world by doing this meditation daily: Cobra called for a meditation for peace to take place between Russia and Ukraine. Remember, it is not about who is on whose side, it is about balance! We cannot have a war on any level, as that is what the powers that be are out to get us into. 

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness

2. State your intent to bring peace and healing to the situation between Russia and NATO

3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light

4. Visualize a pillar of pink Light, emanating from the Galactic Central Sun and then descending down through your body and deep into the centre of the Earth

5. Visualize this Light flowing through your heart and then through your hands directly to everybody involved in the situation between Russia and NATO, harmonizing everyone and bringing peace. Let the pink Light then flow onwards, healing all other conflicts worldwide

6. Ask the Goddess presence (the Divine Feminine) to direct energies of peace and harmony to all unresolved situations between Russia and NATO, and everyone involved in these situations. Let these energies then flow onwards and heal all other conflicts worldwide. Allow these energies to continue to flow through your heart and then through your hands into these situations for a few minutes

OR the following from the Unknown Lightwarrior:

  1. Visualize a white sphere, or simply a white background in your Higher Mind's EyeInvoke (say out aloud): "Authentic Higher Self, connect with me now. Authentic I-AM Presence, be with me now. Authentic [call on your guides], be here with me now. See Gaia in the white background. Zoom over your continent/be over your continent. Ask "Authentic Higher Self, Guides & I AM Presence. The dark ones are ritualizing. Please scan & briefly show what needs to be cleared!" Allow anything dark in your continent to come up. Hold steady ... and visualize it turning into white Light. AKA: Transmute it ... and watch it disappear. Then spread white Light throughout the gridlines of your continue. When 10 minutes pass (use the timer on your phone, but best to have it in airplane mode) you can stop. 
  2. If you're an experienced energy worker, you can keep doing this for another 10 minutes and/or visualize the Flower of Life over the surface of Gaia. Just remember to hold your focus with this last step.

With so much happening in the 3D world, the next thing in this whirlwind of global happenings is to rid yourselves of negative energy in the moment to keep your energy high and positive.

A big shout out for those who bought our favourite Heeling Soles Foot Crème! We are sure you are seeing and feeling the softness coming through after one or two nights of use.

You may feel like dancing which is a great way to release stress and get yourself into positive state. These Zaouli guys for sure do! We guess this guy must be so incredibly fit! Some of us have tried to do this at home but no way! If we could do this dancing, we would be so fit and slim that there would be no need for creams and saunas to detox!

Cobra's new interview here not only discusses upcoming changes, but also mentions how especially 1980's music was influenced by the Pleiadeans, and about how dancing can get you into a positive state. Furthermore, it is a preparation for the upcoming changes which touches on topics such as  money, galactic populations, and the cleansing of negativity. Quite direct answers to a number of topics, but one thing is clear, this state we are finding ourselves in now will be finished, absolutely! For those ready to move on - the universe is your oyster.

Things are lining up here on NASA's camera see image below and the link here. Over the last six days there has been some significant movement as Neptune has been washed away. Jupiter is in the same tractor beam, probably gone as well (date 21st July), and Mars is also on its way. On the left, a scrambled Pleaides (the bright spot). Some wonder if as above so below is the intense feeling of dizziness, nausea, vertigo the silence for a couple of days, then unusual mighty wind force could be a reflection of these forces coming through. Anyway, the heat from the last few days is going, just like the UK DUMBS! Thank you!

Yellow Rose for Texas gave a beautiful easy visualization to change depressed feelings fast, one almost like pulling high energy into your body, rather than focusing on getting it out, which costs a lot more energy and you still need to replace it with the good stuff!

  1. So just take a moment to sit and relax. Close your eyes, in your mind's eye, see yourself pulling a single sheer sheet of light material, like a scarf. Pull the scarf to the soft spot of your head (the fontanel) and then see your head pulling the light scarf into your head. Feel how the light expands softly and tell the light to go throughout your body. Tell it to wrap around your heart and flow through it, back this up with your mind's eye by imagining taking that action. Tell the light scarf to attract and pull all the black negative energy to it. It will act like a magnet, opposites attract, it will stick to the scarf. Then pull the scarf out of your body, with all the black splotches on it and toss it away in a trash can… all within your mind's eye. As a 'daydream', this works in real time and has a profound physical effect.

Every time you feel negativity taking over, you can do this, any moment, anywhere. And remember when you can hear the silence, go to the heart within.

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Grounding and Detoxing Through your Feet

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Thursday, 18 August 2022

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