Fire the Grid 21 Feb 23

Fire the Grid 21 Feb 23

Do you remember the very first Fire the Grid meditation in 2007, when we spread the message via email and our networks, encouraging everyone to spend an hour feeling and envisioning the Earth, our Mother, in the most beautiful and loving ways we could imagine?

It didn't matter how we expressed ourselves, whether we were peeling potatoes or tending to our children's runny noses, whether we were outdoors in the woods or at home. During that hour, we all dedicated ourselves to a moment of blissful cherishing, envisioning the Earth in a state of pure joy, with whales and dolphins leaping, birds soaring through the air, flowers in their most radiant colours, and the sky so blue that it seemed to come alive. We shared many of these visions with each other, enriching our collective experience of that special moment together.

On Tuesday, February 21, 2023, at 11:07 UTC, we will be dedicating another hour to appreciate the beauty of our planet, Eve, also known as Earth.

This hour is meant to bring love and positive energy to all those who are with us, including your cherished memories and beautiful moments. By raising your own vibration and spreading joy, harmony, and love, you can also uplift those who are currently struggling. Even if you are busy with work, you can still participate in this hour of appreciation by doing anything that brings you joy, such as:

  • listening to your favourite music
  • hugging your loved ones
  • walking your dogs
  • performing random acts of kindness
  • thanking the universe for this special moment.

You can also visualize yourself radiating a brilliant light that connects with others, love and forgive yourself, and express gratitude for the blessings in your life. It is that simple to cultivate happiness and spread positivity around you.

Christian21 delivers a compelling message that sensibly connects the pieces of the global puzzle, revealing our current state and forecasting what lies ahead. Their insights are valuable and listening to their first interview on December 27, 2022 is highly recommended. Here is the link to the first interview.

When the whiteboard is illustrated and explained, it becomes evident Betelgeuse going Nova is closely linked to the advancements on our planet. Here the link to Betelgeuse LIVE going SUPERNOVA

McAllisterTV interviewed Christian21 multiple times, you will find over 13 videos here. If you find it hard to understand his accent, you can slow down the video's speed to make it clearer until Linda adds the subtitles.

He states that there will be 'two scare events, followed by seven messages and a sudden burst of light, and then two more scare events' before the start of a new world. In order to grab the attention of the entire population, lasers will cut through the four plasma layers of the sky dome from the outside and open it up, creating a stunning sight and fright as all the planets will be as close as a stone's throw away. His map shows how Betelgeuze is linked to Earth via a tunnel running through the North Pole, where negative energy is sent up and loosh (our negative energy) is extracted to nourish them. The Green lights indicate that it's time to go, according to YellowRoseForTexas.

The information is flowing in, up is down and down is up. If you have not yet already heard of Dutchsinse the earthquake forecaster, he now suggests the map of Earth is upside down, in addition to discovering a USO (Unidentified Sub Object) on the Google Earth map in the Pacific off the West coast of California. Dutch is on Youtube and Twitter.

The information is coming in at an unprecedented rate, leaving us feeling disoriented and unsure of where we stand. But by meditating and connecting with ourselves and Mother Earth through Fire the Grid, we can express our gratitude for our existence in the most meaningful way!

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