Ever driven on a patch with Black Ice? Driven to the top of hill on a winter night, turning the curve and seeing the moon lit street with a shine so black, that you think you are almost safely home. Pushing the accelerator, until you feel the tyres slipping away under the steering wheel, no direction possible, utterly steerless! That is how it has felt for a while, and many will feel this too.

One of Cobra's latest blogs talked about the release of black goo, now that other wearing down options (read his blogposts), have been tackled. It sure feels that way waking up in the morning very drudgingly, slow aching movements of limbs and muscles. 

Considering that we are also are waking up to the possibility that we are feeling each other's thoughts, feelings and actions. That combined with stimulated frequencies (high beta and gamma waves) and extreme measures impeding our 'freedom', that we think we have plus all the other influences, good or bad, account for a lot of people not knowing where to find peace and quiet at this moment in time.

Black Ice, Black Goo, it all activates fear within us as people. What does that do apart from the hormonal and chemical physical responses we experience? We are electromagnetic by nature, which when triggered by strong emotions, our bodies will give of a spark of electricity. It is this what draws in that Black Goo, as we are our own power transformers. If however we get in charge of the energy and we clean this with help of therapy full of love and light the negative effect can be dissolved very quickly. 

It is with Tachyon particles that we gain a certain kind of immunity and a positive cell activation, boosting our cellular, a tachyon session is literally bathing in a Sea of Love. Each session further cleansing the auric field, chakras and keeping a sense of here and now, instead of old paradigms, memories, trying to determine our present status quo.

Just now the book 'The Pleiadean Tachyon Chamber' has been published and we are so happy to be able to offer you a copy! You can order it in our web shop as of Monday 9 November.

Comes with an exclusive Cobra Interview!

Enjoy and hope to see you soon for a wonderful Tachyon session.