Autumn Equinox Meditations - Flip to Light!

IMG-20230820-WA0003 Light Up the Light!

The Autumn equinox on September 23rd has always been a pivotal moment in the year, as it announces the end of the summer and the start of harvesting the crops from the field. This years crop has so much potential to it to flip the odds in the creation of the Event according to the Unknown LightWarrior. The efforts of months of meditations have finally paid off with subquantum anomaly cleared, which was acknowledged according to Cobra's latest post, which the ULW finally takes as the sign to 'FLIP the LIGHT', let it Light up. 

On another interesting note, data analyst Clif High discusses the gathered linguistic data interpretating with remote viewer Dick Allgire in this very entertaining chat, in which many referals to an Event gearing up, as people are expressing a building urge for big change! 

Edit: apologies, here the link to the actual lengthy conversation

Clif mentions the vision of people photographing and filming shots of light, interpreting it as a single experience, where one could also see this worldwide is seen as the same phenomena, a blast of Light. Which has been predicted by many, which will then a couple of minutes later be followed by a second blast of light.  Although it may seem farfetched and doubted this is being in line with the explanatory videos and information of YellowRoseforTexas, Christian21, Cobra, and many more others. The world's developments on economic and political levels are certainly unveiling with big corporate media as the advocate and repressor not allowing a balanced view on what really is going on, creating distortion and confusion. For many of us the question still arises how can we be of a positive influence whilst we Stand and gently but firmly do not consent to all the deception around us. The meditations of the ULW are easy to follow, and although they can be longer than usual, it is certainly worth to give it some time. You can even try a free taster, here available in our shop with the Mass Meditation Protection Protocol. For the Unknown Lightwarrior meditation Flip to a Light Run World, here is the link time Saturday morning at 5.30 am from the comfort of your own home. 

Later in the day there is the opportunity to walk and meditate for the world.  Well known Dr. Joe Dispenza put together a walking meditation which offers a worldwide participation to hunderds of thousands of people connecting via this link 'Walk for the World', a fun light hearted combined walk and meditation. It is free of charge to participate, and if you feel like a walk, our team will be at the Tachyon Healing Chamber at the bottom of the bridge over the Liverpool - Leeds canal at 14.45 in Altham, or look at the map in the link to find a spot near you. Hoping for sun and clear blue skies, but depending on weather, rain and wind, we will decide on the spot to go ahead. So be prepared as you will need to download the meditation via the link given, and have rain boots and jackets at the ready! Dogs are welcome too by the way.

A Star for A Star, the Door is Open
A Roll, Jump and one Pull

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Sunday, 03 December 2023

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