The latest update from Yellow Rose for Texas is a recap, and to be honest, this really hit our heart. Emotionally and mentally as it is becoming ever so clear what we are heading towards. Take one look at the sky of this month. Did anyone see the sunlight out there these last couple of days? And felt the cold of the Easter wind? Images from all over the world show multiple 'suns'?!

Cleaning, clearing, easing down, holding heart felt space and towing as many as we can. Couple of takeaways: - Sitting, EEK, 15 Mansion grows, Home, 24 minutes long....

Meditation Monday 21st September MassMeditation 22.08 UTC click on here
caused by the Saturn - Chariklo conjunction with negative ramifications being focused on lockdowns, and all people worldwide feel the pressure, so join in for 20minutes 

We do not often hear of Chariklo, who was the partner of Cheiron, the Wounded Healer. Discovered under the David Star of 1997 her incredible gifts are creating or the holding of sacred space. Through her ability to create Sacred Space (which is what we do in meditation) she bears witness and facilitates transition. With Chariklo backed up by Saturn hard work is to be expected, but structured with great oversight. Her silent power of receptivity reminds us of our own inner power. A deeply yin energy, out of which new yang is birthed, similar to what Yellow Rose is indicating in the video. She brings the strength of Being, holding a reservoir of compassion, devotion, discernment and presence. Perhaps invisible, but strong in the capacity to be joyfully dutiful, consistent, supportive, forbearing, kindly and nurturing. An invisible transformation process – to bear with, abide with, hold space, accompany and bear witness, facilitate healing and renewal by deep acceptance. Profile, achievement and impressing others are not important (with gratitude to Melanie Reinhart).

Let us honour her energy, see if you can detect this energy, deep within you. For it is she who will accompany the intense pressure of the long Saturn-Pluto conjunction, from January 2019 until October 2021

The Unknown Lightwarrior tunes in just before, if you feel guided join in here Monday starts 22.00, click here

And kindwhile keep your head up, feet on the ground, breath! Keep Gaia cool as she births a new earth.