Ever changing skies, down we go into the White Rabbit hole!


Happy New Year to all our friends celebrating the new Lunar year! Every twelve years the same animal passes by and this year it is the Year of the Rabbit, a calm and soothing energy with a renewed vibration of Spring, detox, renewal, a new leash on life. So through all what you may experience, read and see, we are safe. Teasingly it is called a White Rabbit Year with so many conspiracy theories and records being shattered faster and faster, much of the population will feel as if they are going down the rabbit hole! Blue pill or red pill? As more and more comes out this channel of Linda Paris has an interesting British guest Christian21 who is worth listening to, even if it is just to change your perspective, click here

Our friend, YellowRoseforTexas commented under one of these videos:

Quite the Red Pill!

For those who are awake and have experienced the horror of discovery on all that has been going on, you, again are being depended on to help steer the masses through the upset and disruption the waking up is going to cause. Mr Loop (on telegram) has been showing some very interesting images where we can now see the finish line and an end to all this chaos and disorder

With so many changes occurring on so many levels, the energies are whipping up some extraordinary phenomena in the natural world.

The most obvious evidence to support the changes taking place worldwide are our skies. If you were not a cloud watcher before, then now is a good time to start. We are hearing many stories being told of clouds changing from cute little dogs or hearts to crimson flames, like hell-fire has broken loose! The sunsets being witnessed can be anything from unnerving to absolutely gob-smacking! And then this happened in Turkey last Thursday/Friday!

One of our Icelandic reporter friends posted this little video on iridescent clouds, beautiful to look at but his forefathers would be very disturbed seeing them, forecasting that Greenland ice would wash up on the shores of Iceland! He has been reporting on the vulcanic outburstslast year and has caught some beautiful very rare images.

So everything may seem very disruptive for a while, but we are all safe just you can keep your calm! The Tachyon Chamber is here for anyone who feels they need to retune and re-energise with healing Tachyon energy. We are always happy to welcome you, and our friends at organic retreats have a new, highly unusual stayover which is available as of March 2023. Inside a wood stove, a warm bed, and outside chickens, ducks will help you wake up and the blue skies are right at your step. You only have to turn up! 

Yellow Rose and White Lilies
Wishing you Inner Peace!


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Sunday, 03 December 2023

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