Great news with the announcement of the opening of the Tachyon Healing Chamber on the beautiful holiday Isle of Wight, if you are there in August and September do visit whilst enjoying the fresh air! The best way to make an appointment to Charlotte's Studio is via this here:  [charlottesstudio at]

The other day in the Tachyon Chamber meeting the most incredible people, this one beautiful person really surprised us after her session. Before going in the Chamber she had taken out her hearing aid, therefore enjoying a lovely silence during her session, and after as she sat down in the comfy chair she told us of how beautiful and peaceful she felt. She answered some questions then shouted out, 'oh my, I can hear you!' then pointed at some children playing, 'I can hear them too!' her hearing aids went straight into her bag not to be touched again.

When another person this week came out of the session and started talking, we realized he described a wormhole similar to the one as in the picture! Amazing especially when reminded it is with the utilizing of a quartz oscillator crystal, that the developer of the Tachyon Chamber has created a hyper-dimensional wormhole which bypasses earth's magnetic field & funnels tachyon particles onto a healing bed. it is one to read it, and quite spectacular when being in one yourself! With the Veil opening up, amazing sky images, see MrMBB333 daily updates on YouTube, this will be only be stronger. So fancy the peak, do come and visit us, it is not just for healing.

If you are having trouble staying calm with hectic all around another wonderful exercise you can do to get into your calm, cool and collected centre, is to bring your focus to your breath; breathing in and breathing out a couple of times until you feel relaxed enough. Then bring your focus to your inner ears, breathe in through your nose with mouth closed, let the air escape and with your focus on outer ears. No sound to be heard from escaping air, visualise the air releasing through your inner channel through your ears. Doing this only a couple of times gives you this feel of being able to control your state of being.

Some updates from our favorites Yellow Rose For Texas had some good stuff to share in 'Deep Dive + D5' and so did Cobra with 'David and Goliath' upbeat messages, as we are reaching the crescendo this morning a huge solar flare brought some spectacular new rainbow colours in space to life, and double lights as if we are close to a life changing event.

Buckle UP Buttercups, it is going to be rocky as of now!