As I was immersing myself in the upbeat high vibrations being asked of us today, I recalled the winning entry for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1975 was Ding Dong Ding Dong, a lovely little number by 'Teach In' from the Netherlands. The song reminds me of the sweet and blissful innocence of the 20th century, although much of that naivete has led us to where we are now.

As the call for us enlightened ones to build up the global vibrations grows, why not join in and ring your own bell for a burst of sweet harmony! A simple bell sound on your watch, phone, laptop, iPad set to ring at fixed times can make all the difference. When your bell rings, simply take a couple of deep breaths in and out and visualize the Flower of Life Grid in pure Golden Light, scattered with rainbow stars. It takes only a few minutes and will leave you feeling cheered and uplifted.

This link takes you to the download of a beautiful, mindful temple bell sound and is completely free of charge - so a deepfelt thank you to the creator. It has brought me lots of positive breathing moments, and can be conveniently set to suit your needs.

Another great take on JaJa DingDong for an upbeat feel is the following - just a silly one to put a smile on your face. Which songs do you listen to to arouse that upbeat, positive feeling?

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