Christmas Fear and Solutions


Many people are feeling the pressure as the world's stage is set up to play its 'skit to the end', whatever that may be: from the sun going nova, polar shifts, nuclear world-war III, or simply not being able to pay the bills and put food on the table as recession bites.

The fear of not being able to cope, fear of seeing loved ones suffer, fear of suffering ourselves – is palpable. Many have seen and lived through difficult periods where emotions have run high and remain unresolved, and on top of that the media is doing its utmost to make us feel even worse!

The news is now telling us how to budget for Christmas. Instead of the four regular items many of us purchase for loved ones (a luxury item, skin care, byoux and some special chocolate), now only one festive item per person is advised to keep the budget in check. Such scaremongering causes distress and anxiety – devastating to our mental, physical and emotional health.

Yet what actually is fear? The following quote perfectly sums this up:

'Fear is our emotional response to a situation, the situation is neutral and we assign a fearful emotion. Once you know how it works you can easily assign a neutral emotional response.'

Or some will remember the bestseller 'Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway', a favourite book by Susan Jeffers, published in the 1980s.

Fear is the most basic emotion in humans. It triggers the fight or flight response as primitive hormones take over. However, research demonstrates that many sensations of fear are actually instigated by the presence of parasites in the gut. The moment we feel fear, these parasites are activated to siphon off the energy (often called 'loosh') to feed. Although this happens on an energetic level, the effects we feel include fatigue and a deep tiredness that lingers for a long time. Throughout lockdown, many have become aware of these parasitical critters, and the repressed solutions of HCL and Ivermectin (a pharmaceutical de-wormer) have been used to help get rid of a number of these parasites.

One of the side-effects of these parasites is that their presence can lead to a number of various cancers. Their excrement fogs the natural interactions of the brain, stifling the ability to think and act coherently and to calm erratic thoughts and anxious, irrational behaviour.

Despite being the cause of the general apathy seen at large in our society, this topic is not on the front pages, nor is it being addressed by the medical society. The point of this all is, how do we dispel fear and retain a center of balance even after we have done the physical clearing? After all we don't want our minds blown in the way Dr Strange experiences it. In one of the coolest scenes in the movie 'Dr Strange' where Strange's astral body is pushed out of his physical body - be sure to watch the clip through to where he is going through the worm hole of his own mind :

Luckily, you don't have to visit the 'Ancient One' to retune your auric field!

A session in the Tachyon Chamber will help to cleanse and restore your energy body in as little as 20 minutes! Many people have described it as a pull via a wormhole to up above where they felt a whole array of bliss that replenished their energy levels and centered their heart! Banish your fear and enjoy a totally natural, non-invasive reset. Click here to book your session!

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And for upbeat news both Cobra and the second part of his interview has been released. 

A lot of disinfo is seen dont bite into the fear of it, According to YellowRoseForTexas the branch of ISON has gone in the last week 

A Prayer of Gratitude and Thanks Giving
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Monday, 04 December 2023

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