""We are living in end times for sure. I have told you before that there will be an event that will be known globally between May 3-13. This is the 3rd electromagnetic wave coming into Mother Gaia. I told you a few weeks ago, that there will be a total of 7 electromagnetic waves and it may take up to 18 months. When this is over, we will be in the 5D new world."

unredacted testimiony, from a Fulford source

The 1st of May, a magical day as it feels that spring really has begun! Following upon the powerful meditations over the last couple of months sparking and awakening many more people during this intense period. of being forced at home. Taking it positively a clearing out of years of filling closets, with paperwork, clothes, gifts, haberdashes, anything not directly needed in daily life. Going over and through old emotions, dealing with them for good, coming to peace and harmony with our past. The meditation on the 4/5-4-2020 sparked off a huge wave of people gearing up in this cleansing process. The energy of this day in the Mayan Tzolkin was the seal of Blue Manik or Hand on tone 7, which was the same on 21-12-2012! For us together to heal the wound on humanity. Hand is the builder, to help, to make, to understand. Our language is full of 'hand': handy, handful, handing over, handcrafted, grasping as in understanding, healing hands, having a grip, are one of many. Manik also means Deer the image is felt as protection, teacher. So ask your self what is 'dear'?

Over 700 years ago, in the year 1320, a main number in the Mayan Tzolkin, started the prosecution of all naturopaths, the so called witches, healers, midwives, seeers, herbalists, anyone who fell out with status quo. And up until this date we are not allowed to use our free will to choose for herbs, non-invasive healings, and so forth, it being surpressed by mass media, pharma and politics.
Yet here we are with all this knowledge in our bodies and energy fields, feeling the old wounds, the suppression, oppression and when something happens we go to hospitals, where our inner innate knowledge is silenced. If ... we allow it to, because we have been given the chance to heal the inner wound! On each of these significant days inspired people gathered to start that process has now turned into a gravitational mass where it is you and me who create the healing of our wounded healer!
So we are given another chance to meditate deeply and together with todays energy. Join The Unknown LightWarrior here at your local time here
It makes sense for the Solar Flash to be spread out over several waves, our clean up is massive! 

Join us at 20.00 UTC
1st of May 2020


Blue Manik - Beautiful Hand, the energy 

of the Healer, purifying Spirit to rise above 


​Infusing hands on the spirit of 

Sisterhood of The Rose 

in Gaia's Garden

Manik also means Deer, 

what is its role 

as a teacher for you?