Don't you love it too when past learning lessons prove to be of undeniable value during times of trouble? In this last weekends mass meditation of the Unknown LightWarrior (I keep spelling it as medication, some sort pun of the unconscious :) ), focusing on the mind chatter, these dense bal's of entangled wool appeared, which took a long time to lighten up their knots and bolts, dissolving them to be reconstructed with crystalline structures of Truth and Light.

It reminded of a lesson my father once taught me, as a young child learning how to knit, which took some effort not to my liking, hence why the bal was no longer a bal. My father took the bal of wool, looked at my angry face and said, 'You better get this untangeld. Take your time!', no threats but the persistence in his voice made me act more than anything could have done. It took me hours and finally got it done, leaving me with a feeling of accomplishment that stayed with me the rest of my life, the lessons of patience, determination, persistence, unfolding, listening and following a thin thread of hunches, a touch of selfspot to not take oneself to seriously, and the everlasting feeling of all in good time.

Such a relieved feeling reverberated through this week, as we see the unveiling of layers of mind chatter, internet (net is such a good image), A I issues, with Silicon valley DDS attack downplayed in media. The image speaks for it self - another ball of wool anyone ?

Spotted this one too, too good to not too miss! The Looking Planet by Eric Law Anderson | TheCGBros