Great! The sunshine is out today here, temperatures soaring, our heads overheating, and not just with the barrage of over the top guidelines. Anybody following the recent news in particular medical doctors with their feet on ground, seeing their patients recover with use of alternative medicine and HCL, knows what is going on. Or at least start asking questions such as why the website is suspended within two days? What is the matter with speaking your truth out loud if you have the experience to back you up. 

UPDATE: click on image bringing you to new link on YouTube as this medical doctor speaks about bringing Light(!) to this situation, the moral issue, the unanticipated situations, and how as a doctor he listened to his colleguaes who had experience with both COVID 19 patients and the HCL treatment! Listen how he explores this hot subject and then think again.

Whether you are in the pub or in your garden talking with your neighbours, keep asking those questions! 

So the best way to counter this? See the fun in it! Make it light, laugh, play games, give yourself a boost of a good old jolly belly laughter!

And give yourself the treat of a Tachyon session, the month of August gives a generous discount, only £40 per session with each set of 5!

It will activate those heartbeats in the cells, not only keeping your heart going!

Here is a recent testimonial of a visitor:

"Unsure what to expect, I found the experience to be wonderful.

Guided gently into the chamber, it was explained clearly and soothingly what to do, then I was left to enjoy the experience.

I felt totally relaxed throughout, initially feeling a warm cocooned sensation, like being in a protective bubble.

As I lay quietly, I became very aware of my heart beat in my chest, feeling more powerful than normal and almost as if I could hear it, gradually this moved into my right shoulder, where it felt like a strong pulse.

This is a shoulder that I have an ache in most of the time, due to calcification of the joint.

At the end of the session, I realised i had a smile on my face throughout, for what reason I couldn't explain. The ache in my shoulder had gone completely."

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