An Exhilarating Ring of Light!


Just like that the energy seems to have changed, the amount of information coming out and being shared is quite substantial and showing how justified it is that we are feeling a lighter beat in our step! According to the YellowRoseforTexas we are moving again after standing at the door, which can explain the exhilarating underlying tone throughout this week. The latest update, the Train is blowing the whistle, the engines are roaring, some sounds are being heard but cannot be recorded.

As it is Friday the 13th of October, the Doom Friday when the Knights Templar were taken down by surprise, the word jihad is rustling through the streets of cities on the continent. Tomorrow's Ring of Fire, darkening the main body of both North and South America, over a large area with numerous Sacred sites of native American Indians, of Toltec in Peru, demonstrates the importance of conscious awareness. 

Large bodies of comets and asteroids are ready to either pass by or start to hit, surely it is exciting times!

Most of us will be quite aware of the ground situation in Israel being a False Flag war, designed to create immense amounts of loosh, controversial thoughts and most of all, division through fear and opposing opinions. People are being pushed to extreme levels of engagement, we are unique in that we do have free Will and with that, we are actively choosing the way forward. They are trying to force our consent, although it is becoming more and more clear the levels of deception. Doing daily revocations and I do not consent, spoken out loud, will drop the veils even further and faster.

It is clear to everyone out there none of us wants a war, which will not happen when the heads are being kept cool. None of the threatening scenarios so far have been able to play out to its full potential, something the Unknown LightWarrior eloquently discusses in his first show in a while. Definitely worth a listen, his inner wisdom always leaves several pearls. Be sure to pick them up! 

Cobra also published a Situation Update on the physical and energetic situation, a very upbeat one! The biochips having been dissolved is a very exciting sign. This is different from the nanites - more a of singular action compared to multiple computing functionality of the biochips - that are coming out of people 's skin in the form of hard pimples alongside hairlines residues and neck areas. Once the nanites leave, it has the size of grain of salt but will not dissolve. Considering we are much higher in frequency and up in the Dome, you may experience something like this. Make sure to dispose of it properly, with care and attention, after all this is a microchip. Biochips are energetic in nature and not so visible.

Especially of interest is the now active involvement of the Resistance, one group took out the scalar and DEW weapons base in the Urim in Israel. That is something that will be welcomed by the many meditator lightworkers out there, less targeting for now. Every four hours meditation is set up to help dissolve the darkness. If you would like to help in your own way by prayer or meditation, FM144 describes a black Star of David hovering over the affected area, which does not belong there. 

And last but not least, the Moon Sun eclipse, the Ring of Fire, due on October 14th over a substantial path crossing the North and South American continent over a large number of Holy and Sacred sites, calling for a consciousness awareness in prayer and meditation with Light.  The next eclipse in April 2024 is creating an X with the Ring of Fire - Moon Sun eclipse in August 2017 six years ago. The Unknown LightWarrior is calling participants for The Ring of Fire Portal meditation at 17.00 BST. Eclipses create portals and the more conscious people actively participating, connecting with their own inner fire of clarity and vision, compassion and love for life, the sooner the whole charade here ends! Available via Telegram, blogtalkradio and via freephone.

A reminder here of the Goddess of Light Bathbombs offer, until 31st October you will receive almost a fiver off using the code XMASBATHBOMB. 

Also as an extra delight, as of this week, the 4 kg bucket of Goddess of Light Magnesium flakes have three different pouches of herbal potpourri to aid in the destressing and much needed level headedness. Magnesium flakes are much more easily absorbed by your skin than Epsom flakes, and both the Magnesium flakes and the Bathbombs are helpful in the removal of nanites. To enhance your experience we have added three mixed pouches of organic flower petals - hibiscus, lavender, hop, chamomile, rosemary, cinnamon and rose petals - for an even deeper restful state! 

Or book a destressing and balancing Tachyon session...

Here a train on the way to Corviglia - Switzerland, which is 10'000ft - 3km above sea level, so definitely higher up in the dome. 😉

Heralding of A Birth
A Star for A Star, the Door is Open


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Sunday, 03 December 2023

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