We are so happy to announce the opening of a sister Tachyon Healing Chamber in rural Norfolk, at the Foxburgh Centre!

Safely nestled away amongst a beautiful rustic estate, naturopath Isabelle Grote is combining her Tachyon sessions with a Bed & Breakfast service, offering a retreat style experience to optimise health and wellbeing for everyone!

Isabelle has extensive experience in holistic healthcare and has been a vocal advocate on topics of natural healing over many years.

As we activated Isabelle's Tachyon Chamber, the local wildlife responded to the energy shift. We heard foxes bark at night fall, saw hares and rabbits dancing in the fields, sheep grazing, herons at the pond, birds of all kinds in the trees between the squirrels, pheasants, chickens and cats and dogs on the grasslands, and a pair of majestic deer grazing through the trees in the misty morning light.

A little piece of heaven!

With the New Moon energies of emerging on the night of April 12th, this is an excellent time to turn our focus inwards, envisioning and creating our own piece of Heaven. Isabelle has finally created her idyll after having long dreamed of a piece of land to share with those in need, truly a place of calm to recover from the battles of life.

Many people this last year have been cleaning and clearing their houses and decluttering their lives. With restrictions beginning to lift and the recovery of our freedom, let us envision how we want our lives to be in the highest, most joyful way we can.

One of the best places to do that is in the peace and quiet of a Tachyon Healing Chamber!

To book a session at our Lancashire location click here

And for our friends in Norfolk and the surrounding areas, you can book a session at Isabelle's retreat by clicking here.