A Roll, Jump and one Pull

Have you been feeling some what like weightless, suspended in the air, with at times little jerks in head and neck area, and maybe some nauseaness? This can have much to do with what has been called a roll of the VAH - short for virtual articifial hologram or from ancient Sanskrit literally a ship. Over the last month the VAH has been rolled over which is visible on the NASA cameras here.

You will not hear this from Nasa, but independent researchers are seeing this phenomena calling it by its name, the Earth rolled over, not the sun. During the past weeks when Mercury was retrograde and doing its intervening tricks in communication and electric devices we noticed more and more twitches in the electromagnetic field.

However currently the upside down our VAH is slowly beginning to roll back up out of its stable position. And the message is to stay put, dont doo too much that is out of your way of normal. At this moment in time it is vital to preserve your energy, maintain a high vibe with laughter, dancing, listening to positive people and music. As someone put it is beuatifull yand delicately, just being you is enough, your heart is vibrating wiht pulses of light in your calm state, and although we do not realize this is MASSIVE!  Some of you reading this will remember it as being in the Tachyon Healing Chamber and coming out of it, each heart thumb reverberating as ripples in water in gentleness, serene. So just be, the Pour of those going in the Pit will start, we are seeing the last stages of the movie.

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Sunday, 03 December 2023

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