A Prayer of Gratitude and Thanks Giving


One of the most profound secrets to life is to be able to feel gratitude, creating a feeling of belonging, a mere being where miracles can take place and you see them happening in real time. Many words have been written on this topic and in the midst of the upheaval and changes to our world as we have known it, the American tradition of Thanks Giving was born in similar changes. When feelings and emotions take over your centre - unground you, and unrest, worry, or anger is fueling your day to day, the most profound way to change is allowing the thought of gratitude to come. Allowing a realization to shine through of what we have been given, instead of what has been taken from us and what we are deprived of. 

When we see a child smile, see a bird fly, breathe in our own breath, whether we have a roof over our head and a warm bed to sleep in, food on the table to fill our stomachs, or just being with family, with friends - any of these and so much more is reason enough to help to arouse the feeling of gratitude. Precisely these realizations help us ground, get into the now moment. 

So instead of telling you, tell us what are YOU grateful for now? We thank you, our supporters whether you read the blog, buy our products, or come to our Tachyon Chamber to bask in the frequency of Love, each one of you will have something to feel grateful for, so share, please.... Share and receive a Cintamani stone of 6 carats. But do it this week! This offer counts until ThanksGiving day on Thursday, thank you as each writing will spark our energies as well :)

And then have a look at our products which are made by people on the ground, no big companies here. People that love what their hands and knowledge creates, who know that they create for the betterment, the goodness, the spark of light and love to empower and enlighten you!

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Sunday, 03 December 2023

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