For everyone out there who needs a hug – here a supersized bear hug with heart! Let us use the energy of now to establish positive change for ourselves and for the world.

A peek out of the window will confirm what you already know – the weather systems in August have been bizarre to say the least. From humidity so intense you could just take off your skin to nights so cold you need to crank the heating up. Sunset and sunrise skies are redder than the purest Rubies, rainbows stretch across the sky without a drop of rain in sight, dappled sunlight on clouds conjures up all manner of images and signs and a whole host of photographs showing double suns, rectangular clouds and purple lightening are cropping up on social media platforms throughout the world.

So what does all this crazy weather mean? Well, the accumulation of a unique set of circumstances is accompanied by a volatile Mars Saturn Square today, Monday 24th August at 19:00. Then, Monday 31st August, we will see a heliocentric Eris -Saturn Square at noon UTC. These intense alignments can cause us all to feel the heat – and not just the temperature.

 Taking five minutes out of each day to enjoy a Flower of Life Meditation will keep you feeling fresh and grounded. Click on link

Some people have expressed concern about the Flower of Life symbol for meditation. As so often happens, beauty and purity can be transfigured and corrupted by dark forces in our world, leaving people confused as to what is good or bad. This symbol of Divine Femininity has been hijacked by corporations, capitalists and groups who wish to supress and obfuscate its true meaning. Despite its misuse, the Flower of Life symbol remains one of the most beautiful and powerful emblems in existence. The magic is always within it, we just need to decide how we approach it.

Stepping out of the fear mindset takes Love, Trust, Time and Patience – something we are all capable of doing. When we do this, we are rewarded, we achieve things we never thought were possible. Take a look at this man doing just that – stepping out of fear! click here.

Today, Monday 24th August sees two hurricanes interweaving an 8 pattern in the Gulf of Mexico during this Mars Saturn Square causing further turbulence in our global energy. Potentials are there for falss flags hence now is the time for us to focus our efforts together.

The Unknown Light Warrior has also recognised this need and has called for meditation, listen in at 19.00 London time: at Groundcrew command radio blog. click here.

Remember, as the intensity increases, we will all feel the effects. Your interactions with others may feel electronically charged, you may witness outbursts of anger or violence both online and in your day-to-day business. Be vigilant and remain calm as we move through this turbulent energy. Here are some tips for keeping yourself grounded:

 At all times remember to breathe! 

It is amazing how quickly we forget something so obvious. Deep and steady breaths will immediately bring you back to the here and now. This Hawaiian HUNA breathing technique neutralises emotions;

A short powerful breath in through the nose, followed by a long HA breath out through the throat.

Repeat until you feel the ground under your feet.

And as often as you feel like you need it:

For emotional support: Call three times out loud COMMAND 771

• For team support: Call three times out loud COMMAND 1221

• In pain? Call three times out loud COMMAND PB STARDUST

And if you really want to start making sense of it all, this simple exercise helps to dissolve put things together.

Take a sheet of paper and write down: "I am God"

Next to it write "I am not God".

On the next line write down these two beliefs again. Keep writing until you fill the piece of paper.

With thanks to all those known and unknown light warriors out there! Keep on stepping out of fear, and keep on meditating.