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Tachyons are subatomic particles infused with the full spectrum of spiritual light. Inside the chamber, Tachyon energy permeates all matter, triggering the innate healing intelligence of the body and mind.

Completely non-invasive, this soothing and relaxing experience infuses every cell of your body with healing energy. After as little as 20 minutes in the chamber, our clients report feeling cleansed and renewed, both physically and mentally, as well as experiencing increased feelings of self-worth and a deeper appreciation for life. The physical benefits that accompany a session in the chamber vary from person to person, with many people shrugging off feelings of lethargy and experiencing an upsurge in energy in the days and weeks that follow.

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Tachyon Healing Chamber

Following recent progress in scientific knowledge and cutting-edge advancements in quantum technology, we are now able to harness these miracle-particles directly from their source. Travelling faster than the speed of light, the Tachyon particles in our chamber are buzzing with elemental energy which cleanses suppressed negative energies throughout the body, mind and soul.

Raise your vibration to sub-atomic heights, deepen your sense of awareness and relax in a celestial idyll of tranquillity.

The Session

Our sub-atomic sanctuary has everything you need to enjoy this enlightening experience. Simply book your appointment, turn up, and let us take you on the ultimate healing journey.

Once inside the chamber you will simply have to rest in a reclining position for 20 minutes. There are no devices to wear, no wires and nothing remotely invasive involved. For the best results, wear comfortable clothing and drink plenty of good quality water before your session so that your cells are primed and ready to absorb the maximum capacity of Tachyon energy. We recommend drinking spring or structured water to keep detox effects to a minimum.

If you have mobility issues, or are incapacitated in any way, please let us know when booking so that special arrangements can be made in advance.

Everyone is welcome, including children as of 12 years. For younger childern please contact our team.

Creating the Best Effects!

There are many ways in which you can benefit from Tachyon Healing. A single session of 20 minutes is a great way to experience Tachyon energy and will demonstrate how effective this method of healing is. We are sure you’ll be back for more!

Should you wish to enjoy multiple sessions over a course of days or weeks, we are happy to accommodate. After all it is easy access to Altham via the motorways. Simply get in touch via the form on the contact page and we will contact you to arrange a bespoke Tachyon package to fit your requirements.

Visitors from further afield can enjoy a stay in a number of local hotels set amidst the wild and beautiful landscapes of the Lancashire heartland.

“Magic is only science we don’t understand yet.”

Arthur C. Clarke