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Our world is rapidly changing, stress levels are higher than ever before and with our world in a state of turmoil we increasingly feel that we do not have enough time for ourselves.

Now, imagine a special place where your positive energy, all non-invasive, an elemental gift from the depths of outer space, is captured through a device engineered from ongoing research and massive progression in scientific technology. This safe and nurturing place will help to raise your awareness, your consciousness, even your physical health.

This enlightening experience is now available through what is known as a Tachyon Healing Chamber.

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Tachyon Healing Chamber

Tachyon energy is the first form that emerges from primary, formless zero-point energy. In other words, Tachyon energy is the first bit of ‘matter’ emerging from the source. A Tachyon particle is a sub-atomic particle that travels faster than the speed of light and contains the full spectrum of spiritual light.

This so-called divine blueprint functions at such a high speed of perfection that it stimulates the innate healing intelligence of the body. Tachyon energy does not directly heal anything, but rather supplies an upsurge of energy, encouraging healing throughout all levels of the human body including physical, plasma, emotional, mental, etheric, auric and spiritual.

Every cell in your body will respond to this new information, a vibration that allows you to move onwards and upwards. Suspended in a state of deep relaxation, each cell inside your body will reset, allowing for a total cleansing of obsolete material – the ‘junk’ that has accumulated through the years. The burdens we carry are all unique and so the process of healing is an individual experience for each of us. The beautiful testimonials of multiple people demonstrate improved life energy, greater emotional balance, increased creative enthusiasm, more inner peace, and physical improvements too.

'Always expect the unexpected’, so come with an open mind, you might be blown away!

The Session

Welcome to Maria’s Garden Room where your sub-atomic healing experience will take place as you lie, comfortably clothed, under a blanket. Your session will last for 20 minutes, after which time a member of the team will gently wake you up. This will be followed by some time to get back on your feet. The room is heated and has warm blankets ready for the cooler time of the year.

To benefit from the chamber, you will need to be able to bend and move your body around independently. If you have special needs do let us know in advance so that arrangements can be made.

It is advised that you drink lots of good quality water, spring or structured, so that your cells are well hydrated and any possible detox effects kept to a minimum. Your body will then be primed to really absorb the Tachyon healing energy for the most optimum effect.

And that effect can be for each of us very different, as you can read in the testimonials!

Creating the Best Effects!

The best way to achieve optimum results is to book separate sessions every other day throughout the course of a two week period.

If you are traveling from afar and would like to pack your experience into a long weekend, our picturesque countryside location has a separate five star rated Airbnb, excellently suited for five sessions throughout the course of a weekend.

Starting on the Friday evening you will accelerate your healing experience with peaceful nature walks alongside the Liverpool - Leeds canal, through the heart of the United Kingdom. Enjoy the wild beauty of Lancashire which overlooks landmarks like Pendle Hill, the Ribble Valley and the Trough of Bowland - it is YOU time being in nature at its best.

Ask us for availability by clicking the link below.

We will always give you some time to recoup before you go, so feel safe to pop in!

“Magic is only science we don’t understand yet.”

Arthur C. Clarke